Getting Started In Homeschooling

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  • Reviewed on Monday, July 17, 2000
  • Grades Used: All
  • Dates used: July 2000
This is a small book with a lot of information. Rebecca Rupp is a wonderful writer. She is very inspiring, but also overwhelming.... it seems like she did SO MUCH while homeschooling her 3 boys! This book includes lots of information you need to get started while making informed decisions interspersed with anecdotal information about her own homeschooling experiences. She talks about homeschooling from beginning all the way to college. This book is not religious in focus, which is a real plus for those of us who are secular homeschoolers. If you are going to follow a prepackaged curriculum you probably don't need this book, but it provides great information for those of us who like to pick and choose among all the wonderful things available. If you are a newbie she will give you lots of great information - including sources, and if you have been homeschooling for years you will still find new inspiration in this book.