Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, July 31, 2008
  • Grades Used: 1-2
  • Dates used: current level 2
Great series! Inexpensive, easy to use, constant built-in review, simple easy to follow explanations...

This series is so wonderful. I am going to get my son through level 3 or 4 and then switch to Elementary Greek...

This is just a great program and I highly recommend it. Lessons are short and sweet and to the point, while still upbeat and fun, with plenty of variety!


  • Reviewed on Friday, May 2, 2008
  • Grades Used: K-2
  • Dates used: 2004-2006
Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek is what my nine year old started out with back in 2004 (4 years ago). It was an EXCELLENT beginning for a young child to start with. The Greek reader and alphabet song (set to a tune similar to the English alphabet song that most of us are accustomed to) alone were worth the time and money that we spent on it. It is a very humorous and gentle introduction to Koine Greek. The alphabet workbooks were also invaluable for teaching the Greek letters! An added bonus that I discovered is that they made wonderful handwriting practice! I believe this is because once a child learns the English alphabet fairly well, they tend to rush through their writing and simply "slap it down" on the paper. But with a foreign alphabet, they are required to take their time and concentrate, which is what is necessary to develop those fine motor skills so necessary to good handwriting!

We used HA from the reader until about 1/2 way through level three. Then we just found we were being bogged down by two things. First, that there is just waaaayyyy too much repetitive practice. Mind numbing, skull busting repetition was killing any love we had for Greek.

Second, we were becoming frustrated with the inductive approach that HA takes to language learning. For those not familiar, inductive applies to language learning that is done by having the student basically "figure out" the rules of the language through usage, rather than explicit statement of rules (which is called "deductive" learning). Inductive learning is great for modern languages where the reason for learning is speaking fluency, and reading/writing may not even be an issue. But for ancient/classical languages, where the purpose is training of the mind, learning of grammar, and reading of ancient texts, it is infuriating! You get translations wrong because you haven't figured out a rule on your own, that has not been TOLD to you directly by the text!

At that point we switched to Elementary Greek. We worked through EG1 and are now 1/2 way through EG2. We are very happy with our switch.

If I had to do it all again, I would start a child who reads well in English on HA, the Reader and progress through level 1, at about the age of 6-8 (depending on the child's maturity and reading level). Then I would switch to EG. HA was a wonderful beginning, but it just goes too slow and the inductive method is too annoying.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, November 29, 2003
  • Grades Used: Pre, 1st, 2nd and 6th
  • Dates used: 2003
Absolutely superb program!!! My preschooler uses the Reader, my 1st grader is in level 1, my 2nd grader is in level 2 and my 6th grader is in level 3. (She just started this year.) We only wish we knew about this program sooner. All my children love it! They all look so forward to the time of the day when we do Greek.

What caught my eye about this program was when I read that it was the Saxon Math of Greek. Karen Mohs teaches the alphabet and the sounds and continues to build from there with constant reviewing of previous concepts learned. Your child, (if reading, otherwise with a parent) reads the directions and completes the workbook pages. They work independently and learn a great deal. Quarterly tests and flashcards are provided as well.

My younger ones love singing the Greek alphabet all times of the day so that my 2 year-old has picked it up as well! My oldest has started the more challenging words and translations yet she is still enjoying it and going strong. The children and I highly recommend Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! :)