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  • Reviewed on Friday, September 12, 2014
  • Grades Used: 3rd and 6th
  • Dates used: 2014
I just want to say how excited I am for a curriculum like Bookshark to finally hit the market! This year is my 7th year homeschooling and I had yet to find a curriculum we were happy with until now. Bookshark just launched this year and they are a branch of their parent company Sonlight. Basically it's a non-faith based version of Sonlight. It's a perfect fit for us since we are Christians but not of the Protestant faith. Bookshark allows me to add in our own personal faith studies. I have spent years tweaking and tailoring curriculum unsuccessfully to try and meet the needs of my family. I've tried other non-faith based curriculum and never been satisfied since many were basically a 'school at home' model. Bookshark is very similar to the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling that we prefer. We have not been using it long but in 7 years I have never been so thrilled from the beginning! Finally, something I can use as written without spending hours changing this and that until the curriculum is a mere shell of what it was originally. Since we've started using the curriculum the kids have had conversations at every lunch and dinner over the books they are reading! We have used CM style curriculum before but none have sparked such enthusiastic conversations! I thank Bookshark for creating a curriculum I can use with my family as written, and I am free to add in our own personal religious teaching rather than be forced into what someone else believes.