Bede's History of ME

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, May 16, 2015
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: 2014
I wanted to love this. There just wasn't enough. The lessons were too short. It would take a lot of work to make it last a year. It taught the subject of history not history itself.
The pros- it had activities for the child to do, explained a timeline, and had unit sections on holidays and a few other things.
Very simple but we needed to add to it. We ended up not using it the whole year and switching to History for Little Pilgrims. We added in some of the activities from Bede.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, August 31, 2014
  • Grades Used: kindergarten
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
We love, love, LOVED this simple book! Everytime I said, "It's time to do history," my son would cheer. I bought it on a whim because it was so inexpensive, and I am so glad I did.

The book is consumable, but it is by no means a workbook. The pages are thick, almost card stock, and it is VERY durable. It also is not set up like a workbook at all. It has full color illustrations, a short bit for the parent to read aloud, and an activity for the child. For example, the first lesson explains what a timeline is and introduces Bede - a ball of red yarn with eyes. It then has an activity where you tape a piece of yarn on the floor and then tape pennies along this line. Your child steps on each penny and does something (jump, clap, spin, etc) and the parent writes it down. You then discuss the concept of time and history - you jumped first, you spun around AFTER you clapped but BEFORE you touched your toes, etc. Most of the activities are hands on like that. The book shows how everything has a timeline and a history: sports, toys, holidays, even your own family! It also incorporates basic social study skills for kindergarteners like learning your address. I also loved that it only took one day a week and each lesson only took about 15 minutes.

My only negative is that it asks the child to draw a LOT. If your child likes to draw, great! But my son hates it, so I would go on google images and print out little pictures and have him paste the pictures into the book. For example, there is a lesson to explain past vs present. It gives pictures of what several items looked like a long time ago: a shoe, a hat, a car, etc. Then the child is supposed to draw what they look like now. So I just found photos of those things online and printed them out. We did draw when it just called for symbols to represent things, like the timeline of Holy Week. (This curriculum IS faith based, too, which I liked.)

This curriculum is fun, engaging, hands on, and very simple to implement. All you need is crayons and simple craft supplies like yarn and paper plates. And you can't beat the price!

PS We have already started using Bedes History of US, and we love it too! It includes all the supplies and instructions to make a simple lapbook about your state. That's what we are working on presently, and once again, my son loves history day!