Calvert Math

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
  • Grades Used: k,2, 4, 6
  • Dates used: 2009-current
This is a math that you really WANT to work. It comes in a beautiful glossy hardback book with beautiful layout and graphics. The Practice books are even laid out nicely with plenty of room for working most of the problems. THe graphics are crisp, clean, colorful and yet not distracting to the material. There are cute illustrations here and there showing the things which the students are learning, especially with word problems, or the Thinking Activities. The color, the layout, and the interest is very high with this program.

Unfortunately this math program has some flaws:
1. It jumps around too much. It's a mastery based program, because each chapter heading has a title and the chapters do focus on one concept at a time.
2. The review is spotty. There is often not much review, followed by several days of review. As long as you take a break and not jam 5 pages of review into one day, this is fine. Just be sure to TAKE the break to do the reviews rather than plowing forward in a rush.

Unfortunately, taking a break and reviewing for several days straight is overwhelming and exhausting to the child. During that time, you will find huge gaps in their learning, and then you will have to extend the break to further review the things they had forgotten.

Conceptually, Calvert Math is pretty good. But the lack of continual systematic review, and the way even the concepts jump around is extremely confusing.

However, as far as the friendliness of the appearance and color, they get an A+. It's just that no sane person would pick a math program based on that alone. :o)

If you can get a Calvert Math textbook on ebay for a few dollars, it might be worth having around, to supplement other programs. I like to pull ours out now and then because the word problems are fun and really make kids think.