Mathematical Reasoning (Critical Thinking Co.)

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
  • Grades Used: Preschool-1st
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
I love these books! They use a spiral learning approach which seems to work well for all four levels I have taught. I used this series with 3 year olds to 6 years old. They are color and well laid out. The one down side is that are costly at around $42 and consumable. I use dry erase pockets so I can use them multiple years. I found them difficult to take out of their binding without ripping. I am also supplement with manipulatives to add to it and help cement to concept learned. Overall I would not switch to any other curriculum. All of my kiddos (who all learn differently) seem to be flourishing with this curriculum.

Michigan momma

  • Reviewed on Tuesday, March 15, 2016
  • Grades Used: 1-4
  • Dates used: 2015/2016
I am using these workbooks for my 1, 2, and 5 grade students. I absolutely love them. They are colorful, well laid out, and easy to teach from. I have my DC do three pages a day and that's it. Some days they do more just for the fun of it. I have used many different math curricula in the past, and I have yet to find one I like more for elementary grades. Every topic is introduced step by step in such small increments the student can absorb the new information, no problem. There are also puzzles and critical thinking pages built in. The cover is not connected to the spine to make removing pages easier, if necessary.
I can also see these workbooks going along perfectly together with Life of Fred. The only thing I can see being an obstacle for some is that they are consumable, and the price is around $35-40.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, June 9, 2013
  • Grades Used: Pre-K
  • Dates used: 2013
We are currently using Mathematical Reasoning- Beginning 1 for 3 yr olds. It can be used as a core curriculum or as a supplemental resource. My DD is 3.5yrs old and this is our first math book that we have both fell in love with. I've bought a few math workbooks from the local bookstores before and we just weren't impressed with them and she bored with them quickly... I did too. I read great reviews on this book from other sites and thought I'd give it a shot based solely on reviews from other moms. I can't think of reading one negative review.

The book has 236 brightly colored pages, counting pictures of animals or children or toys. It has a short one page introduction about the book, how to use this book, and teaching suggestions. It truly is an open and go book focusing on numbers 1-5, shapes, patterns, measurements (most, least, more, fewer, taller, shorter, biggest, smallest, second biggest/smallest, etc), top/bottom, front/behind/beside, order (1st, 2nd, last). There is more to it, but that's just a general overview. There were a few things in the book that I had not thought to teach my daughter yet but once I explained it she caught on and we had no problem. There is a section at the front of the book that gives page numbers for specific types of problems if your child is struggling in one area (addition, subtraction, order, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability, measurement, etc).

My one and ONLY complaint about this book is the price. $32.99 but the copyright allows me to duplicate the pages within my home for other kids so I guess it's justified. Since it can be used as a core math curriculum, you're getting your money's worth. AND If I hadn't spent money on the other books that we didn't like it would have paid for itself, right? Lesson learned.

I think this book is a go at the child's pace kind of book. My daughter would go thru the book in one sitting if I let her. I limit her to 10 pages a day (takes no more than 10 minutes) We are on page 111 and we've had it just over a week. Math is the first book she asks to do on a daily basis (multiple times a day I might add). I can't say if it's that she already has a math foundation that its easy for her or if the book itself is easy, but challenging at the same time. Either way it's a great book and she is learning from it. I am about to order book 2 for 4yr olds so I can pick up immediately where we leave off on book 1... and maybe go a little slower with the next one. As long as she continues to learn and enjoy the books I will stick with this curriculum.