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  • Reviewed on Monday, January 14, 2013
  • Grades Used: Grade 3
  • Dates used: 2012-2013
I am a busy homeschooling mom of 6 (going on 7) children, and have been looking for the perfect Math program for many years. Perfect to me means... a comprehensive program that I as the mother don't have to spend lots of time teaching, and the kids enjoying it, learning, and REMEMBERING what they learned. Because of our jumping around from curriculum to curriculum over the years, my kids are a little behind in math.

We started this 3rd grade less than a year ago for 2 of my kids, and right away they took off with it! They love being able to get on the computer and work independently. Because of working independetly, they have taken great pride in their math work! They have just finished the 3rd grade level, and we will be starting the 4th grade as soon as it arrives. Both of my children learn in different ways, but this way of learning worked for both children!! (quite rare to find that!)

This program seems to be a little more advanced according to grade level when I compare it to other 3rd grade math programs, and this is an advantage! The curiculum covers so many areas of math throughout the year.

Before I ordered this program and invested yet MORE money into another math curiculum, I called the contact info number to ask many questions. Someone answered the phone immediately, and it was the author of the curiculum himself. He took time to thoroughly answer all of my questions (and it was a looooong list), and help me decide what would work best for my family. The customer service with this company is better than any I have dealt with, always taking the time for me and my questions.

We have finally found the perfect math program in +A Tutorsoft Math, and I highly recommend this to any person looking for the best!!


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, December 11, 2012
  • Grades Used: 1st
  • Dates used: 2012-2013
We are using First Grade A+ TutorSoft Math with my 5 year old. We used the online version, as the CD version is not available for Mac yet. The online version works quite well, however, and we are very happy with it.

The program starts at the very beginning, counting, and works sequentially through first grade math. There is no spiral, but there are plenty of worksheets and exams to help you come back and review. Printable worksheets and exams are available, but I understand they are adding online worksheets and exams soon.

The student watches and listens to a short lesson (great for smaller students with smaller attention spans!), and then does an interactive review. If the student answers correctly, he is praised. If he answers incorrectly, the program takes him step by step through the answer, and tells him the "why" of the problem, not just the answer. It absolutely helps them truly understand how to do a problem.

The combination of online learning with immediate review and feedback, coupled with worksheets to review and reinforce learning, are a wonderful combination for my son. He really enjoys online and computer based learning, and has a lot of fun with this.

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  • Reviewed on Monday, June 11, 2012
  • Grades Used: Pre-Algebra
  • Dates used: 2012
This is a review for the Premium edition, which I highly recommend for its extra features over the standard edition. The premium edition includes (among other things) the ability to record student assignment scores, hide/unhide worksheets answer keys and exams solutions guides, and the ability to view and print out progress reports.

Being the curriculum junkie that I am, I was curious about this program. Our family has tried many math curricula, and we’ve found that our kids often prefer DVD or computer based instruction to traditional pencil and paper programs.

A+ consists of one CD-ROM with PDF files for the user to print.
Before installing, I printed off the Installation Process Guide, the Start & Profile Set-up, and the User’s Guide. The program was not immediately intuitive for me at first, but with the guides I was quickly and easily able to learn all I needed to know.

The Quick Tutorial got us started right away. Each chapter is divided into an average of 7 lessons (ranging from perhaps 5 to 15). The year’s work consists of about 130 days’ work, including tests, leaving room for extra practice/review or field trip days.

Each lesson includes a video tutorial with several interactive problem-solving questions that the student completes to assess understanding of the lesson. Then the student completes a worksheet, which can be printed off or simply completed with pencil and paper. (Worksheet books, as well as exam books, are available from the publisher for those not wishing to print them off.)

Scoring must be done by the student or parent, but is easy with the solution guides for the worksheets and exams. These can be viewed on the computer or printed. Exams follow each chapter and assess understanding of that chapter.

A+ covers each topic comprehensively, and the material seems to be right on track with other standard pre-algebra curricula. It actually seems a bit more challenging than some popular homeschool programs. Students completing this program should be well prepared for Algebra 1.

Summarize it all to say that I highly recommend A+ Pre-Algebra! (Background on our family: we will shortly begin our 24th year of homeschooling and have homeschooled our own 5 children plus 40+ others over the years. I love to research curriculum and match up programs with the unique needs of each student.)