Midwest Homeschool Convention (GHSC)

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
  • Grades Used: Cincinnati OH Convention
  • Dates used: 2010,2011, 2013
I enjoy going to look at all the curriculum mostly. I get lots of catalogs and then sort through it later on at home. It has been helpful to have the catalogs as if I need to change something that isn't working for us, I can browse the catalogs at home to see what might be a better fit. Also, I might look at it new there and buy it used somewhere else.

I have listened to some of the speakers. Some are good and encouraging and some are not. I think they have a big variety of speakers, which is good. Most people are struggling with the same things.

It is neat to see so many people, materials, curriculum s and colleges all in one place. You don't realize how many people are homeschooling until you go to the convention.

It is encouraging and builds you up to go to the convention. Only drawback is I don't like going to downtown Cincinnati, OH and the food there is pricey. Pack some water bottles and some snacks. Don't forget a backpack or something to help you tote your stuff around with as it gets heavy.