Does Your Child Really Have ADHD (Stephen Guffanti)

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  • Reviewed on Monday, November 23, 2009
  • Grades Used: all ages
  • Dates used: 2009
Is it or isn't it ADHD? If you're wondering, you might want to take a look at Does Your Child Really Have ADHD by Stephen Guffanti.

Dr. Guffanti, a dyslexic and kinesthetic learner, writes with the insight that comes from personal struggle with learning strengths that were different from the ones his teachers expected. His point is that perhaps it is not ADHD, but rather a kinesthetic learning style, which is causing the learning and behavior difficulties for your child.

The book is divided into four parts
- Part one discusses different learning styles and provides a learning styles inventory for the parent to use.

- Part two covers the medical diagnosis of ADHD and how it is arrived at. Guffanti points out that parent observation is a large part of an ADHD diagnosis. He also suggests that food sensitivities might also be part of the cause of the disruptive behavior. Two checklists are provided - one for ADD and one for ADHD.

- Parts three and four discuss the connection between ADHD and learning as well as provide some behavior modification solutions for parents. The biofeedback solution described seems particularly valuable for homeschooles.

An extensive appendix and bibliography provide many extra resources for parents who are researching ADHD. There are 2 CDs included in the book which are the workshop Dr. Guffanti presents on this topic at homeschooling conferences.

Definitely worth a look!