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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, June 1, 2010
  • Grades Used: 7th
  • Dates used: 2009-2010
We used this curriculum for my 7th grade son. There are 2 different choices. You can choose "Microscopic Exploration, Insects & Light" or "Astronomy, Birds and Magnetism". We used them both. We chose this particular curriculum because we did not want a rigourous science curriculum.
This can be used from grades 1-8. You can add activities or assignments for the older children. I will list what I consider to be the pros and cons.
Many activities and experiments to do. My son learns lots more by doing and this curriculum worked for him. Everything was included in the kits. Sometimes they say this, then you still have to buy lots of added things. The only things we had to contribute were perishable things such as onions, pond water, etc. My son had a great time with these! There are enough supplies for 2 students.
There are no tests, but you could make them up yourself or require a written paper. I had my son write up the experiments so that I knew he understood what had occured. Depending on your location, the weather can be a deterrent for some of the lessons, but that is why we chose both kits. We used astronomy in the & microscopic explorations in the fall, light and magnetism in the winter and then did birds and insects in the spring--so I didn't really consider this a con, just thought I would be objective.
I would highly recommend this science curriculum.