Ready to Use Music Reading Activities Kit

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
  • Grades Used: K-5
  • Dates used: 1998-2004
Please note-I teach individual and group music classes, and work with a lot of homeschoolers, as well as homeschooling my child.

I'd like to recommend the "Ready to Use Music Reading Activities Kit" by
Loretta Mitchell.

While this is not a complete music curriculum, it is a nice, sequential
approach to music reading, using either a keyboard instrument or a chromatic
mallet percussion instrument (both of which could be had for under $20 if
your family doesn't have a piano). The program is laid out in "packs", which
are designed for the student to work through, largely on their own, at their
own pace. I've used this as young as age 5-6, with an adult doing most of
the reading and teaching, but I've also used this with older students who
wanted to learn to read music just by giving them the packs. One feature of
the newer edition is a CD which gives backgrounds which work as
accompaniment for many of the "fun songs" in the book, in various styles.

While this is not a complete curriculum, if you can couple it with some
music production experience (like a church or community choir) and some
music listening/history, you'll have a very solid, very inexpensive music
curriculum for K-4th grade or so.