Do It! Play Recorder Homeschool edition w/CD

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
  • Grades Used: 4th-6th
  • Dates used: 2004-present
Note-I teach individual and group music classes, and work with homeschooling families, as well as homeschooling my child.

Note as of 2/2010, the book that was previously called the "home study edition" is now just the plain complete edition with CD. It's the same book. I guess they decided that all the extra home school materials were worth including for everyone :). I would still make sure you're getting the edition with CD. There is a teachers' kit, but unless you're using this in a group setting, you really don't need it, and it's expensive.

If you want an instrumental music introduction for your 3rd-6th grade child,
which includes a great deal of music reading, a wide range of musical
styles, and a focus on improvisation, look no further than this book and CD
set. The best part is that you can buy the whole thing-book, CD, and a
decent recorder for about $10.

The home school edition gives much more background and reference information
than the version intended for schools, which makes it very useful. The CD
not only has recordings of all the songs for listening, but playalong
backgrounds in various styles for the same song, keeping interest high. One
of my favorite features of this book for middle grade students is that once
a child learns a song, they are challenged to use it as a basis for by-ear
transposition, rhythmic alteration, and improvisation. These are features
sorely lacking in most music methods, including those commonly used in

This is an excellent beginning recorder curriculum, and a wonderful,
inexpensive addition to a home school music program. It is by far the
cheapest way to give a child the chance to try out a wind instrument before
making a serious financial commitment.