Basic Cake Decorating (Kathy Brodock)

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Staff Review

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, June 24, 2009
  • Grades Used: All ages
  • Dates used: 2009
As a past "graduate" of two Wilton cake decorating classes, I didn't expect to learn anything new from Kathy Brodock's Basic Cake Decorating DVD. But, I was pleasantly surprised! Judging from the way Kathy handles a piping bag, it's obvious that she's been decorating cakes a long time. And, while there were a few minor problems with the production values of the DVD, Kathy is a great teacher, being careful to speak clearly and slowly.

Kathy's DVD begins with a thorough explanation and display of all tools required, including decorating tips, icing tint, etc. She reviews the process of making frosting (recipe included) and demonstrates individual decorator tips and the various shapes they produce, including lines, shells, leaves and more.

Next up: decorating a cake, start to finish. After baking, assembling and frosting a small layer cake, Kathy demonstrates a technique she calls "hot knifing" which produces a smooth glossy finish. Step by step, Kathy teaches you how to create garlands, borders and roses (using a flower nail). And let's face it..when you're decorating a cake, something is bound to go wrong, so Kathy also offers some easy fixes for common problems.

Basic Cake Decorating with Kathy Brodock delivers exactly what it promises and is a great alternative to any book or four-week class at your local craft store. Format: DVD Run Time: 70:00 min