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  • Reviewed on Thursday, February 15, 2018
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2/15/18
We tried this because of an email we got out of the blue from Aurora Lipper. Thought we’d give her sample webinar a try for free. It was awful!! I was literally falling asleep on the couch. My kids were totally uninterested. She may be an extremely smart person but not a great teacher. She was so wordy and you just get lost in the blabber. She was just teaching from slides....only a couple of videos that we could’ve pulled up online ourselves. The main thing that got me was her grammar and language she used. She said “FART” when talking about underwater volcanoes. 😱. We don’t use that word in our house and I prefer that my kids not hear it from a “teacher”. She just used general bad grammar. So, no, I’ll not be purchasing the videos. Full price was $225, I believe, but for “today only” after watching the free video sample lesson you could get 80% off. No way.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, May 3, 2015
  • Grades Used: 4th
  • Dates used: 2015
Horrible is all I can say. You get the idea that you can click on any of the subjects and teach them but in actuality you only get access to certain modules in the beginning--SHE decides which ones you get access to next. If you need access to one--you can ask. She talks entirely too kids love science and they were lost 5 minutes into her rambling on and on,


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, February 8, 2011
  • Grades Used: 2nd
  • Dates used: 2011-present
I recently signed up for the $1 first month trial of Supercharged Science for my two 2nd graders. We were finishing up 2nd grade and both were asking for more science. We have covered quite a bit of science (multiple programs per year), but both kids felt unsatisfied. As I began to research what might be out there to satisfy their desires, I ran across Supercharged Science. Wow!! I don't think I am easily impressed typically, but this program has really blown me away! It has to be among the best finds ever in homeschooling resources! The program is comprehensive, covering K through 12th grade materials. After the free trial, there are two options for continued study. One option is to continue an online subscription which gives you full access to either the K-8th material or for an additional cost, to the K-12th material. Currently, there are about 15 units in the area of physics and chemistry (with several more pending release that include life science and biology). Each unit includes an introductory video taught by the author directly to the students about the unit, a shopping list of necessary items (with links of where to buy hard to find items), a LOT of experiments with videos of the author teaching and demonstrating how to do the experiment, a reading portion that can be read online or printed to further develop the unit and review questions to assess your students understanding.
The second option is to purchase one of the Mastery Programs. Their are a few options based on the grades of your children. Each of these come with DVDs, CDs, an Experiment Manual, all the supplies to complete each of the experiments AND access to the online program for a period of time (this varies based on which kit you purchase).
There are charts available on the website to match the resources to other popular homeschooling science curriculum if you want to use it as a supplement, though Supercharged Science covers far more material than any other programs that I am aware of and could easily be used as the core program.
One of the major differences between this program and another online program is the teacher and developer of the program. She is HIGHLY educated - a former NASA rocket scientist, engineer, former engineering university professor, etc. She is also an amazing communicator - lively, energetic, clear, motivating. Somehow, she is able to communicate about complicated topics in a way that makes them clear without watering them down and at the same time making it very exciting. My kids watch with fascination, beg to keep going, then spend their free time experimenting and inventing! I recently asked each of them what their one favorite part of the program is. My son's response was, "She teaches me everything I ever wanted to know so I can invent my own stuff!" My daughter responded that she LOVES all the experiments. Within one week of using the trial, she went from being interested in only one select branch of science to enjoying it all!
The author is available very easily - both to the parents and directly to the students. After each video, there is a place for comments and questions, which the author herself directly responds to. She is also available by e-mail and by phone. Although my kids have not talked with her, this is really important to them.
As for quality of the material, my kids (and I) learned more just in the first month trial, then we learned in all of our homeschooling years with ALL the science materials we have used! I highly recommend it!!


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, June 23, 2010
  • Grades Used: Pre-K through high school
  • Dates used: 2009 - 2010 and continuing

For an experiment/project book, I've never seen anything more hands-on. is a website where you can certainly get waaaay cool project ideas for free, but also where you can make purchases, small or medium or large, depending on how much material-gathering you don't want to do, how much you want DVDs and/or CDs for primo demonstrations, how much access you want to web page archives, how much you want to daydream about inviting her to the next birthday party to do a science party (which she does), whether you want access to the tele-classes, and have I been saying "you" and not the kids? Um, well, that's I guess because I don't enjoy Aurora Lipper's dynamite science fun box/book/website/everything else one bit less than the kids do.

Okay, so when she had a sale we sprang and got the whole package, so we can go online and see vids, participate in classes, use the materials that came in a giant box, watch DVDs, listen to CDs, and look through the project book, and get notices about what she's doing that's new, and she is always into some new offering. But you can do plenty for free from the website and benefit a lot. I forgot: She teaches a bunch of cool math tricks on that website, too.

This lady is a rocket scientist/pilot/mom/who-knows-what-else who decided that teaching and learning science shouldn't require becoming a rocket scientist to understand and to master. Whether we're working from the printed book alone, which has instructions for the experiments, or using any of the other media for instructions for the experiments, we always 1) have a howling good time 2) understand what we're supposed to do 3) understand more science concepts and 4) get turned on to do more science.

Aurora has deliberately avoided plugging any view on how old the earth is or whether God created it. We in our home know that He did, and we have found nothing in her materials about which we have had to interject an opposing view.

One thing that keeps me drawing people's attention to her website (actually "their" website; she has a team by now helping her) is her unsurpassed SERVICE. She is accessible: She answers emails fast and with focus on the customer. She always wants to know what people are thinking. Every time I get an answer to an email, it is quite evident that she is personally responding to the content, and has always satisfied the concern/question.

If a project book is all you want to buy, the Supercharged Science one is the one we recommend. (If you haven't figured that out by now.) Don't forget, though, to find the free stuff on the website.

Inasmuch as the demonstrations/book instructions are clear, the experiments and science learning are accessible to all ages, at one layer or many, the learning is entertaining (like your mind on a trampoline -- but only if you like trampolines), the package is as comprehensive as you want it to be, and the author/teacher is accessible and concerned with every single learner's experiences, there is no better value. There is nothing out there that even comes close.