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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, March 27, 2018
  • Grades Used: 5th-12th
  • Dates used: 2010-18
I’ve enrolled several of my children in Angelicum over the years, and the experience has only gotten better each time. Their customer service is great. I always get very quick replies to my emails and calls. More importantly, they keep adding so much to their program, including Philosophy for Children, logic, essay writing, and ethics which have been wonderful! Tutoring is also now including in the tuition for their Great Honors Program, which is a very exciting addition because it is much less work for parents than before. My children absolutely love their teachers, the readings, the discussions, and the interactions with the other students. They’ve made a surprising number of close friends through the Angelicum, which in my experience, is quite rare for online programs! Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with Angelicum! Very solid program!


  • Reviewed on Monday, September 25, 2017
  • Grades Used: 7th, 8th
  • Dates used: 2016 to present
We've been very satisfied with Angelicum.  What drew us to them in the first place was their emphasis on the liberal arts.  We are worried about the effects that this video culture that has descended upon us is having upon people's ability to think and speak.  Certainly, reading and writing are vital skills but they are, in our opinion, less vital than actually speaking/listening to one another [think "texting" in lieu of talking] and Angelicum provides opportunities for becoming adept at the latter.  Hence, the kinds of online classes they offer.

We especially like the Socratic Discussion classes.  They result in students reflecting upon and discussing questions of substance that we often end up talking about at dinnertime.  For instance, if you had to choose between two neighborhoods which would you choose to live in - one in which everyone steals but never lies or one in which nobody steals but everyone lies?  It's fun to discuss such things with the kids and we all learn.  

While learning from the experience of conversing about such things is the primary way to acquire the skills of discernment, judgement, logical progression of thought, clarity of expression, etc. they've added good information to the classes regarding what the elements of conversation [particularly dialectic] are.

So far so good.  We are happy with our choice of Angelicum.


  • Reviewed on Friday, January 27, 2017
  • Grades Used: 7th
  • Dates used: 2016-2017 school year
My daughter went to public school until 4th grade and then we started doing a box curriculum from Catholic Heritage. My daughter is very bright, but has a tendency to take the "easy way" and so I wanted to make a transition in 7th grade to encourage her to have more accountability. The things that appealed to me about Angelicum were these:

1 - My daughter was an AVID reader and they brag on their Literature program.
2 - My daughter lights up when around people her own age and they have an on-line discussion class
3 - They offer grading and reporting - which makes me not have to be the "bad guy" when my daughter takes shortcuts.
4 - The Religion, History, and Math books were the same as CHC so it should be a more seamless transition.
5 - CHC is very light on writing and I feel like good writing is a necessary life skill. I wanted something to get my daughter up-to-snuff on essays and such as she approached high school.

I did not find many reviews for Angelicum and from what I read their "business office was run by Philosophers" and the bookstore is overpriced and slow to ship.

Because of these reviews I ordered all of my books on Amazon. I ordered a digital copy of Lesson Plans and got a hard copy in the mail. I did not get a digital copy until I requested it via e-mail.

This was a ROUGH transition for us. My MAJOR complaint is that the lesson plans are not in an easy-to-use format. Each class comes with a separate lesson plan. Some were by day, some by week. It is not always clear what is supposed to be sent in for reporting. There is no minimum "core" listed. They were very hastily put together and had several errors. Like week 4 was an exact copy of week 3, with just the title changed. Since they were by subject, my daughter would often think that she was done for the day, when she had forgotten about whole subjects. I ended up having to go through and make a master lesson plan in chart form with all the classes listed on one page.

My second complaint is that the "Good Books" program is what sold me on this program and it has been the most major fail for us. My daughter is an avid reader, but CANNOT get into the classical literature. I thought the on-line discussions might pull out literary elements of the story or that the study guide might provide insight to some of the more complex stories. It is basic book-report form. So disappointing. Also, they never give you a base-line for what is expected - Just a list of 22 books. They suggest that you send in at least one book report with your quarterly reporting. I started out asking her to read all the books, then cut it in half when she hated them, then agreed to let her alternate Newberry winner books her level with the classical literature for her book reports.

My third complaint is the attention to detail from the office. When Have e-mailed the registrar with questions, she has always responded, but slowly and with less than satisfactory response. For example, I e-mailed her to let her know that the math lesson plan stopped at week 8. I asked her if we should just follow form of 1 lesson a day (Math is pretty self-explanatory as far as lesson planning) and she e-mailed me a new lesson plan, but it was for the 8th grade book when my daughter is in 7th grade (different book). Another time I asked her for the ISBN number for a book to go with a lesson plan that was included. She responded, saying they have replaced that book with another and sent me a 9-12th grade lesson plan.

As far as the actual curriculum, I think the books are solid. The Shurley grammar is tedious and designed to do one-on-one, which I am unable to accommodate, but we are struggling through. It is very thorough and really makes up for where CHC lacked in writing. I was happy with the math and history books that were the same as CHC. The religion in the on-line form is OK. I'm pretty happy with the science, even though it is "christian but not Catholic".

My daughter LOVES the on-line class. She loves chatting with kids her own age. I'm not sure how substantial it is (I think not very), but it is by far her favorite.

I have another daughter going into 7th grade next year. I have already started to ask if this is a good fit. The truth is that it is not a "perfect fit" for us. It is a lot more intense parent-involvement than CHC. I think that we are going to continue with some modifications. I need to re-work the lesson plan format from day 1. I need to have only 1 non-core class. I need to find a classical literature resource to help the kids stumble their way through those books. We'll probably use Angelicum for Jr. High and switch to something else for high school.


  • Reviewed on Friday, October 7, 2016
  • Grades Used: 6th-12th
  • Dates used: 2008-2016
We have used the Angelicum Academy for four children over a number of years. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful - you can talk their ears off if you wish - they say they are there to help parents. They are not bureaucratic - the opposite. They allow parents to select and use any nonAngelicum materials they wish. Mixing grade levels in different subjects is permitted, even encouraged.

But the core of the Angelicum is literature: the Good books nursery-8th; the Great Books live, online program 9th-12th, which can also be taken for college credit accepted at hundreds of colleges and universities. The Great Books program meets once a week for two hours, with 2 teachers (not 1!), live, about 18 students, discussing the Great Books they read that week. I have learned a lot just listening in. But my children have read 120 Great Books in four years (if the reading is particularly difficult they assign only important portions). It is simply wonderful. This is what education was meant to be. Nothing I can find comes even close to this quality and dedication to serious education. I cannot write highly enough about it.