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Julie A.

  • Reviewed on Monday, April 19, 2004
  • Grades Used: K-8
  • Dates used: 2003
This workshop is on VHS and can be purchased from the Institute for Creation Research. The video comes with a small manuel which contains a materials list and discussion information. The workshop works best in a classroom setting, but can easily be done at home.

This workshop covers each of the seven days of Creation. God created our world in a specific order, and this workshop helps students understand why. The experiments are simple and easy to do.

I used this for a co-op with students K-8, and they all loved it. You can divide up the experiments to cover a day of creation each week, or you can meet one day and cover the whole workshop in about three or four hours. I believe you get more out of it with the former rather than the later.

I highly recommend purchasing this video, even if you only watch it. It is very informative, and a great introduction to looking at Creation from a scientific point of view.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, May 20, 2003
  • Grades Used: all
  • Dates used: 2002
This is the best Creation science curriculum that I have seen and /or used!

The whole thing is done in the style of all Heart of Wisdom products. Internet linked and updated constantly, with message board support. All from a Hebraic mindset(AWESOME), not a greek one(or even a greek/roman influenced christian one). Back to the source.

Recommended resources are listed so you can buy hard books if so desired, or just use the links- same info and no out of pocket expense after getting the e-book.

Your children (of all ages) will learn where we came from, why we came, what happened to us after that, from a literal creation week stance. BRAVO!

So many 'christians' compromise and believe in evolution simply because they cannot counter with any of the myriad of facts that routinely disprove it. This curriculum will leave you swamped with mass amounts of the FACTS of special creation.

My girls treated this as a treat to work on(as real school should be), not just a school subject.

I suggest you look at the Heart of Wisdom website for the system of 4-mat learning to see what extras are in this e-book. SO much for so little!

One picks and choose what assignments to give out with each lesson (if any- only YOU know your child's abilities). Such as writing, crafts, oral reviews, etc. Something for each type of child's learning styles(part of the 4-mat system).

It can be done in less than a couple of months or take you time and dig deeper and go for several(we took 4 months).

We are looking forward to using this again, and will learn much more the second time around, I know!

I highly recommend this for all ages- adult and child, and it should be a MUST for all believers to use before they leave home(or now if you've already got your own home. LOL), so as to have a firm foundation in WHY they believe what they [should] believe...that G-d IS real and DID do special creation in 7 days with NO evolution 'help' at all. That the Bible IS real and can be trusted literally, from the very first page. You should be able, when done with this, to hold your own with a religious naysayer/scholar or even with many scientists(those who might actually deign to listen to you, that is). It is that complete, depending on how deep you dig into it(and the ages of who is doing it).

This e-book does NOT compromise or give in to 'keep the peace' with christians who believe falsely in any type or form of evolution. BRAVO!



  • Reviewed on Monday, May 12, 2003
  • Grades Used: k- adult
  • Dates used: 2003
Highly recommend anything with Dr. Hovind and CSE name on it. Fantastic stuff! Our whole family has benefited from video tapes and other materials ordered from them. CSE now has materials that are specifically for homeschools.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 30, 2003
  • Grades Used: Grade 3 to adult
  • Dates used: 18 months
This video series is wonderful. Our whole family finds it very fascinating, even the little ones. He has many, many facts, and presents them in an interesting format. I would recommend it to anyone, even those that are not Christians yet. He has no copyright because he encourages you to copy and send them to others. In fact, people often do so on Ebay, so you can often buy the seven tape Creation Seminar Series at only the price it cost them to reproduce them. The web site to order the series is [listed on the Links page here at]. I highly recommend this as an enjoyable science time for all - from child to college and adult.