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Leslie K.

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, August 5, 2009
  • Grades Used: 10th - 12th
  • Dates used: 2006-2009
I wanted to comment and say how thankful I am for the CHC program, our auditor and the CHC staff for helping us ensure that our daughter received a very well grounded (as well as rounded) education. She grew up with a different sort of learning challenge and was just not able to learn much of anything in a traditional school setting. We decided to home school her in the last 3 years of high school and are so very pleased with how much this curriculum has taught her in these 3 short years. Without this program, she never would have learned the math skills she now has, she never would have been able to write a composition, or have a deeper understanding and appreciation for God’s Ten Commandments, science and government. She also would not have read the books that we read for her literature requirements. It wasn’t easy for her, but she worked very hard and met the requirements. Not only did she learn, but she gained so much confidence in herself and was able to develop, work towards, and achieve some personal goals. We also really enjoyed working through the curriculum together and had many hours of truly blessed quality time with each other. She put in a lot of hours of hard work – but it always proved to be well worth it. All of the subject requirements and experiments were so well put together that it truly made learning fun. Her application, acceptance and enrollment to her choice of college went so smoothly, that it has continued to support her enthusiasm for the next level of her education. Thank you CHC and your program for blessing us, and for enabling my daughter to learn and to begin working towards her dream of a college education!


  • Reviewed on Monday, August 3, 2009
  • Grades Used: Pre-K thru 12
  • Dates used: 1996-?
We received our CHC catalog in the mail this weekend and I began thinking about how many years we have been receiving these catalogs.... 15 years and counting. How I thank God for Dale Dykema, Carry Post and the whole dedicated CHC staff for their faithfulness in bringing this truly excellent curriculum in the Reformed tradition to the homeschool marketplace. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Covenant Home through the years; they have become more like family than a company from whom I buy my curriculum. We have moved into five homes, been in three different ministries, been in three different states, lived on opposite sides of the country, yet we have always been able to stay on track academically thanks to the Day by Day planner. The Day by Day is so easy to use that as our kids grew they were able to use it as their own assignment book. My children always had the assignments, texts, activity sheets, workbooks, quizzes and tests, and answer keys ready to go even I wasn't. While I loved all of this, the most important reason we kept returning to CHC year after year was the success our kids were having with their studies. Their standardized test scores were always high and I knew from their ability to read, write, and analyze the impact the curriculum had on our children. Now it is a joy to see the success my eldest daughter is having at college and being able to directly attribute her success to the foundation she had with CHC. We look forward to a few more years of those catalogs arriving in our mailbox. Thanks again, Covenant Home Curriculum!


  • Reviewed on Thursday, February 19, 2009
  • Grades Used: Pre K
  • Dates used: Bought and returned 2 days later
Okay, I looked online for ages comparing preschools and thought wow you get soooo much for your money, so after much comparing, I ordered it. When it arrived I was soooo excited until I started looking through the materials. This preschool program is only scheduled 3 days a week with only about 3 activities a day. Therefore you are doing about 9 activities a WEEK. If you just want to have fun pretending school, this may be the perfect curriculum, if however you want to concentrate more on academics and want them to achieve some sort of academic not buy this program. The books they chose look like they came from a dollar store and some were actually only consisting of 20 something pages which means you do less than one page a week in those. They try to add all this extra little stuff like a set of flashcards and a piece of chalk, oh and two feathers...however you still need 3 pages of materials to collect just to implement the program. I can actually scan you the list. It has at least 10-20 materials per week which makes no sense how you can use that many in only 9 lessons. Oh and the lesson book is about 8 inches tall with a date and a page number, there is no lesson plans or telling of ways to teach it because basically they want you to open a workbook and throw it in front of your child and assume they are going to know how to do it. Anyways, after I looked it over and decided I could actually put this stuff together on my own for way cheaper I chose to return it. That's when the problems started.
First they told me that they would keep my shipping (which I assumed and which was 13 dollars and once I calculated online the real shipping it was only 5 dollars!!) and then said that they would charge me 5% restocking fee. Okay, but then they told me they would not accept my materials back if they were not sent via UPS!! THEY SENT THEM BY UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE AND THEY WANT ME TO WASTE ANOTHER 10 DOLLARS IN SHIPPING!!! I went back and forth in emails debating the reason why I had to send it UPS and they could send it any way and this was the answer I got, "bc if your materials are damaged before they get here and you can almost bet they will be, then we will not accept them and we will write refuse" How would they know they were damaged without opening it? So I asked why they charged so much for shipping and decided the cheap route on shipping the materials to me and this is what I got, "if the materials are damaged on the way to your house they are most likely still able to be used however we cannot resale damaged goods"!!! So they don't care if my package gets ruined or even lost!! They gave me a fake UPS tracking number when I questioned where my materials were after two weeks of not showing up (weren't they supposed to be delived UPS in one week?) and then finally one day my postal lady showed up with the package and handed it to me. Then the customer service rep debated forever the fact that it was sent USPS. Also, it's been three weeks since the materials were actually delivered to their door and they still have yet to issue a refund. I contacted them again and she told me and I quote, "you just need to relax, the refund has been sent out" by which I emailed back "well I can't relax when I still do not have the money on the card". Again, she pretty much told me to chill out and leave her alone. I am so turned off by Covenant's customer service I will NEVER recommend them.
Pro's- The Hands on Math was a pretty cool book from what I could tell and I am thinking of buying it on amazon.
Bible-As for the Bible program, it is okay for maybe a 6-7 year old child who can sit through actual KJV Bible readings however my 3 and 4 year old boys thought it was horrible. Again, that is probably based on personality on which kid's would like it or not. I think it's too grown up.
Oh and I looked up the books MSRP new values and you can get all the books for about 40-50 dollars altogether, therefore I guess the feathers and 1 piece of chalk are imported or something because I don't see the point in charging THAT much. I paid with shipping and all $137 and some change.
P.S- If you are thinking about buying this program, I urge you to look at others and I have seen some really great ones, don't worry about the extras go to a dollar store as the curriculum is definately NOT worth what you pay.
Have a wonderful day, thanks for reading, and God Bless.


  • Reviewed on Friday, October 10, 2008
  • Grades Used: PreK & 3rd
  • Dates used: Fall 2008
This is our first year using Covenant after having used Calvert for 3 years. So far, we are finding it to be very challenging and geared perfectly for my son, who learns quickly and is advanced for his age (3rd grade). After years of blowing through school with his brain on automatic, this has been a wake-up year for him with writing assignments, challenging tests and texts that he actually has to pay attention to. The reader, Ben, really focuses on critical thinking in a way that is demanding for him, but is teaching him some important thought patterns. The materials are extensive and the books are engagingly illustrated and written. The Bible study is very extensive as well.

My daughter is using their PreK program and loves doing the little worksheets, playing games and the Bible stories. Some of the writing is a little advanced (she is 4), but she is improving as she gives her best try. She does not get frustrated, which I use to gauge if she is ready for the program or not, but she wants to try and improve.

I recommend this curriculum for people who enjoy having a program that is challenging and very structured.