Learning Keys

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HSI Staff

  • Reviewed on Friday, September 26, 2008
  • Grades Used: Grade 5 - adult
  • Dates used: August/September 2008
The Learning Keys program is a resource assessment tool that supports independence and confidence. It is based on five ideas: - Everyone is unique. No learning style or thinking preference is better. - Most students and adults do not know how they best learn and remember information. - Self-esteem may drop and problems occur when learning situations don't mesh with natural learning preferences. - Knowing your learning stye can help you "learn how to learn" better. - Learning how to learn is a life skill that is valued by employers. These five ideas are the foundation of this program. Once you know your learning style and thinking preference, it is easy to adapt the keys into any learning environment. I took the assessment survey along with my child and was amazed to discover that we BOTH were kinesthetic learners! Our learning styles matched. This helps me to understand how he takes in information and processes it. This program does not discriminate and is a great resource to have in any educational setting. It is for all learners! If you are looking to have a better understanding as to how one learns and processes information best, if you are wanting to better accommodate your student in a particular learning environment, if you are wanting ideas/resources on how to adapt your style when necessary, the Learning Keys program can help. What a wonderful resource to have as a home educator attempting to not only understand my child’s learning style and thinking process, but to be able to adapt, modify, and implement the Keys into our home ed. Program. The Learning Keys resources are truly the keys to unlocking the doors to learning! The program offers ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. It is easy to see where traditional classroom instruction is based on auditory, visual, and sequential learning/thinking styles. Kinesthetic learners and global thinkers could experience great difficulties. The Learning Keys program will help to build the life skill of “learning how to learn”. When we are better able to adapt to a specific learning environment the potential to learn and succeed are great! Not only having your student(s) take the assessment, but also the educator, helps to determine the best approach in any given situation. The notion that intelligence is multi-dimensional and the theory of multiple intelligences suggest that only focusing on one specific means of learning can cut off other pathways to learning. The Learning Keys program gives us the resources to succeed!