The Schoolhouse Planner

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, October 11, 2008
  • Grades Used: 4th-8th
  • Dates used: 2008
The Old Schoolhouse gave me the opportunity to try out the Schoolhouse Planner. When I first saw this item for sale on their website I just figured, “Great, another planner I wouldn’t use”. After reviewing this planner – and using it - I can say it is like no other planner I have ever seen. With each month’s calendar, there is information on subjects from music to periodic table to inventions and more. There are also articles written for encouragement to homeschool families on the different subjects with each month. There are also recipes and links from TOS for items they have that go with each subject. Beyond that, the Planner also has homeschool forms and household forms. In the homeschool forms, they have pages to keep up with things like curriculum, annual and yearly plans, field trips, books read, crafts done, and more. In the household forms, there are pages for contact information, family health, chores, budgets, gardening, and more. The Schoolhouse Planner keeps up with our daily schedule and everything I ever imagined I’d want to keep up with plus, of course, much more. They also have modules that you can purchase to go with each month that delves deeper into the subject for that month. For instance, September is about composers. The module for that month tells of different composers, orchestra, instruments, and fun word searches, coloring pages, and craft ideas. They also give more recipes and copywork pages. This came at a perfect time for me, I was looking for new copywork for my daughter. These are fun pages that she can write and learn as she goes. You can also use this planner on the computer. You can type in your schedule on the monthly calendars.
For me the only negatives were the fact that, on the computer, it took a long time to figure out which page it was I wanted to jump to. And, it took me a long time to get there. That may just be my computer. Also, because there is so much information, it makes for a big notebook. Of course, there is no way to get all the cool information in each month without it being so big. For some, the bulk could be a major negative.
Overall, I have enjoyed the Schoolhouse Planner and use it more than any planner I have tried before. I now have so much information right at my fingertips. When I want to show the children an important US document or the periodic table, I know right where it is and don’t have to go searching for it. I believe for most moms the Schoolhouse Planner would be an asset.