American Language Series

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, August 27, 2009
  • Grades Used: Kindergarten
  • Dates used: July '09 - present
This phonics program is wonderful! I didn't start homeschooling my oldest until 3rd grade, so I was apprehensive about Kindergarten with the youngest & teaching reading. He knows all his letters and what sounds they make (thank you leap frog Letter Factory DVD!), so teaching a letter a week like some programs suggest would be to slow for him. With American Language Series Phonics & Spelling Kit - they learn a new letter & sound everyday, & they start adding the sounds together soon & listening for the sounds in words. There are 4 full color consumable workbooks and 6 large readers with this kit. the teachers manual is on a CD ROM , so you can either look it over or print it out. After 3 weeks my son is already reading 3 letter words & wanted his own spelling test like big sister (now in 6th grade). I show this curriculum to everyone in my support group with PreK and K age children.