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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, May 5, 2009
  • Grades Used: Ages 3 and 4
  • Dates used: 2009
I bought the DVDs from Kinderbach on Ebay. My children have really enjoyed them. I printed off the activity sheets and put them in a binder. Be aware that there are a TON of pages to print off. You may just want to print off the ones that you like. Kinderbach suggests that you watch each segment of lesson 5 times. I don't think that my children would watch it 5 times and do the same activity sheets 5 times, but we did watch it 3 times.

The first time we just watched it and I did all of the actions with them, but we didn't do any activity sheets. I am also careful to pause it and have them answer before the teacher gives the answer. The second and third time we watched it my children didn't need me to participate, and they did a couple of the activity sheets.

Remember, these don't only teach piano. They also teach rythym, and music appreciation, etc.

I have not finished all of the DVDs, but my children are definately remembering what they are learning. My 3 year old doesn't remember on the first try, but there are also parts that he gets better than my 4 year old. I won't be selling these. I will be keeping them to use with my younger child.

What a great way to intoduce children to music! I think that they will be better prepared for subsequent piano.

BTW- I have NO musical talent whatsoever.