Igniting Your Writing

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  • Reviewed on Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • Grades Used: 7-8-9
  • Dates used: 2014-2016 (and ongoing)
I have been using Igniting Your Writing with my kids for several years now. We use it on Fridays for "Writing Workshop," in which I participate with the kids. We all enjoy Igniting Your Writing. My daughter is a natural writer who enjoys all types of writing. She doesn't really need the instruction in IYW, but she uses the exercises to experiment with different forms and styles and to flex her creativity. My son is a struggling writer (he has dyslexia and processing issues), and he enjoys IYW because it gives him a chance to practice new skills in an informal, non-threatening manner. In using IYW, we have discovered that my son has a wonderful creative voice. I enjoy IYW because, as a busy mom, I don't get the chance to do much writing for myself, and this gives me a chance not only to do so but also to share it with my kids. We all look forward to our Friday Writing Workshops, and I have seen growth in each of my kids' writing.

Hidden Jewel

  • Reviewed on Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  • Grades Used: 6th
  • Dates used: 2006-2007
My dd used both IYW 1&2 in 6th grade and the comment she made was that it helped her writing more colorful. It doesn't go into into report writing. Level 1 deals more with different pieces that you need for effective writing. Level 2 goes more into outlining and specific writing types such as to entertain, to inform, and to persuade.

The lessons in Igniting Your Writing were so practical. They were like pieces of a puzzle that were all put together by the end of the course. They were lessons you could sink your teeth into and run with, yet they were simple.

The lessons in IGW1 have 3 different skill levels that you can choose from depending on your student. You can use it with multiple students or you can take the same student through it at different times using different levels.

CurrClick has good samples of both levels. IGW2 has separate lessons for Intermediate and Advanced. There is no beginning level in IGW2.

There is a Teacher's Guide at the back of each book.