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Tricia Patterson

  • Reviewed on Monday, June 23, 2008
  • Grades Used: High School
  • Dates used: 2007-08
I am Tricia from Maryland, and this is my eighteenth year of home schooling my six children. Home schooling so many different age levels simultaneously takes a lot of organization! I have always used the summers to plan the daily assignments for each child in every subject. My friends think this is over-the-top organization, but it has worked for me. The school days are so full with teaching, grading, cleaning, cooking, and disciplining, there is just no time for planning.

I used to allot the schoolwork by creating a paper folder with weekly schedules drawn by hand and copied for the 36 weeks of school. Fortunately for our family, I happened upon the Home School Inc website last spring. I spent the summer of 2007 typing the assignments for the whole school year into our family’s personal school website. And all for free! There are instructions written for non-computer people, and even a video to walk you through the steps. There is a membership fee if you want additional support to have questions answered by phone.

Now my children always know where the daily assignments are – no more frustration looking for misplaced paper folders! They immediately know what past work is still pending. I do not have to make new lists and go back and highlight items missed. They think the web site is pretty and they like sending messages each other. They also enjoy the independence to see the assignments and begin working without waiting for Mom’s help.

Another great use of this program for us is for our group Biology class. The class only meets one day a week for labs, but I want all 6 students to stay together on the reading assignments. With Home-School-Inc, the students know what is expected each day and they send the work easily to me by pasting their work into the gradable assignment block. Then I can quickly grade it and send it right back.

We are grateful to the folks who make this website available to our family.