Math Mammoth Blue Series

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
  • Grades Used: 2-3
  • Dates used: 2012
My daughter was on track with most of her math, but really was struggling with multiplication. We had tried Horizons and McRuffy (McRuffy has really awesome manipulatives-based activities, but is very jumpy in the way it teaches math and my daughter wasn't getting it). I happened upon Math Mammoth and I really love it! I printed off the Multiplication I book from the Blue Series and she is spending at least a half hour a day on her multiplication without me even telling her to. And it is summer! We are talking about a child who really doesn't even like math. But she really enjoys this. I stapled it into three booklets (because it was too thick for one!) and she carries the one she is working on all around the house with her and works on it. She says it is all making sense to her for the first time. I have seen a big change in her attitude about math. I went ahead and purchased the Light Blue Series to use with all of my kids for next year. She's really excited about it. She feels much more confident and I think she will be really ready for Level 4 next year. I think what I like the most is the option of using the Blue Series as remedial work to complement the Light Blue. Rather than have to go through all the previous books looking for multiplication instruction, I can just use this one book. Also, it is very easily done independently. I think that is one thing she is really enjoying about it and I KNOW I enjoy that. Much easier for me to teach math simultaneously to three kids. And I believe that kids understand better when they can sort of "teach themselves." She has had to pause to ask questions but for the most part she has completed the work on her own. We are fans! Also, another great point. The fact that you print it yourself is great for us because my son, who is a natural math whiz, already understands a lot of the stuff for his grade level. There were whole chapters I felt I could skip and just simply didn't print them out for him. And if you're ever in doubt, you can give the chapter test for a particular chapter and decide whether that chapter is necessary to teach or not. It is just so customizable for a family. You can get extra help for the kids who need that and it's easy to skip stuff for kids who don't need all the "busy work." I don't like to do this with a traditional workbook because when it is finished it doesn't look "finished." I think it's more rewarding for kids to look back at all the finshed workbook pages. And the price is unbeatable! $136 for all six years of elementary school for all kids. It's the most homeschool friendly math curriculum I have ever seen. I would recommend it to ANYONE!


  • Reviewed on Sunday, October 30, 2011
  • Grades Used: 1st and 3rd
  • Dates used: 2011
Math Mammoth is a wonderful program...if your child needs to spend a lot of time on a topic and doesn't mind worksheets. This program just doesn't appeal to my boys. I will be trying Life of Fred with my 1st grader, since he has this amazing natural love of numbers and math, and the worksheet type math is quickly ruining that, and I will finish Math Mammoth with my 3rd grader this year, but he is bored to tears and intimidated by math as a result of the math programs we've tried so far (Calvert, SIngapore, Math Mammoth). I plan to present the concepts in MM a bit differently for him the rest of this year then switch to Life of Fred or Teaching Textbooks for him and use Math Mammoth as a supplement for both of them. I hope this helps!


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, March 9, 2011
  • Grades Used: Mainly 4th, but also 3rd and 7th
  • Dates used: 2009- present
We switched my daughter to Mammoth this school year and I'm kind of on the fence about it. DD used McRuffy for the full three years and loved it. I used free worksheets from the Math Mammoth website to reinforce learned concepts for her and her old brother prior to switching to Mammoth as a core curriculum.

The Mammoth curriculum is basically a textbook with explanations for the teacher at the beginning of each chapter.
There is very little guidance for the teacher, which is frustrating if you aren't good at Math yourself (I'm certainly not). Math Mammoth has a youtube channel, but there are currently only 25 videos up and she hasn't added any since 2009. So obviously not all of the concepts are covered there. It includes tests, but not being a big fan of standardized testing we didn't do most of them.

I initially thought parts of the curriculum (like the pre Algebra)were too challenging for me average Math student and we'd just skip them. We ended up not skipping anything so far.

The pages are not black and white, but neither are they overwhelmingly colorful or "childish". The answer boxes are rather smallish, and my childs handwriting is average sized for her age.

The explanations are short and "to the point", giving kids the ability to work on their Math independently once a basic concept has been introduced. However, my daughter sometimes required more of an explanation than the one that was given and I struggled to give that to her. Mammoth would be a disaster for a child who skims over explanations.

Alani was used to more variety due to McRuffy, which introduces new concepts while still reviewing old ones. Mammoth uses a different approach, one which was very successful with my son but didn't do much for dd. It introduces one concept and then has the child solve only problems related to that concept. At the rate we were going, she would have been doing just worksheets based on one concept for two weeks straight.

We mix it up by letting her work her way through the workbook out of order, which does complicate things but gives her the variety she needs in order to stay focused on retain what she learns.

It is very affordable which is important to us since we're on a budget. We started in October and she just finished 4-A. We are currently working witj 4-B since we already purchased it, but I'm not sure if we'll continue to use Mammoth on its own next year. We'll probably look for something new and supplement with Mammoth print outs again, using just the ones my dd wants.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, October 14, 2010
  • Grades Used: prek (using a 1st grade book)
  • Dates used: 2010
I have been very pleased with the addition 1 blue book. When I first looked through it, I worried that it would move at too fast a pace for my son. But we are halfway through it and he is catching on to everything wonderfully. I don't have him always write every answer, since handwriting has not come readily to him yet, but he can recite the equations to me. I have just started my son in a pre-K type homeschool program. I wanted to find something to give him an exposure to mathetmatical concepts without having to do a directed, scripted, 45-minute a day lesson. I am on a very tight budget but wanted to find something for him that was fun, low-stress, but still challenging that was in my price range. As I explain to my friends, we are only "dabbling" in homeschool for this first year, and so I didn't want to overwhelm him with an entire year-long curriculum. I want my son's first experience with homeschool to be low-key, laid-back and rewarding. One lesson, he looked at me with a big smile and said, "This is easy, AND fun!" I appreciate the way the blue book keeps things in short, workable segments. We sometimes get a page done a day, and sometimes we fly through three or four pages in no time. Either way, I know my son is being challenged, but he is not stressed. The card game ideas are also a big hit with him. It's hard to believe my pre-kindergartner is actually doing first grade work and is not stressed out by it. It is enjoyable for him and for me, and I'm very glad I ran into such an affordable, low-stress program.