A Child's Geography

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  • Reviewed on Monday, March 16, 2009
  • Grades Used: 1st and 4th
  • Dates used: 2008-2009
I wish I had started A Child's Geography vol. 1 sooner. We LOVE it!! This first volume focuses on the earth as a whole. There are 11 chapters and you cover such topics as the atmosphere, continents, oceans, plate tectonics,water cycle, earthquakes & volcanoes, weather & climate, latitude & longitude in a wonderfully Charlotte Mason style.

Each chapter includes an educational reading, reaching out to your world section, narration prompts, notebooking prompts, hands-on activities, copywork suggestions, and book lists to further your exploration.

A Child's Geography is very much a study of geography and science from a strong Biblical worldview. The focus is clearly on God's creation of the world by the word of His mouth. If you've ever read the author's blog, Holy Experience, you know that she cannot help but infuse her writing with worship of our Creator. The author leans towards a young earth model and yet I believe the book is sensitive enough that anyone who believes that God, and God alone, is Divine Creator would be able to use this book with success. Here is a sample from the book showing how the author tackles this subject...

"Well, some geographers believe that the earth's plates have been moving as slowly as those two cars crawling into each other at hardly-moving speeds -- just a few inches every year for millions and millions of years... But other geographers who believe in the truth of God's word, like Mr. Snider-Pellegrini, think that something catastrophic and fast happened -- more like the high-speed car crash! Something like a world-wide, stupendous flood! (p. 105, ch 8, A Child's Geography by Ann Voskamp)"

This book makes a very complete study of geography and science for the elementary age child. I'm using it with a 7yo and 9.5yo and really think we are at the perfect ages to get the maximum benefit from it. It is going to last us a semester and we are pretty much doing everything in the book. We schedule it twice a week. If you wanted it to last the entire year, you could schedule it once per week or take more rabbit trails. There are a lot of good jumping off points for further study.

If you want to see samples of our work, you can read a more complete review here...



  • Reviewed on Thursday, July 17, 2008
  • Grades Used: 3rd
  • Dates used: 2007-2008
We used A Child's Geography Explore the Holy Land. It was incredible! The book covers Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

I did order the spiral version printed in color and it is worth the extra money! When open it lays flat. The photographs in this book are beautiful and we would have missed a lot had we purchased the black and white version.

First, the writing on each country is broken up into bite size pieces. And every couple of pages are Field Notes, Travel Log, and/or Bringing it Home.

The Field Notes section is when you ask your child questions about the reading and they narrate what they learned. We notebooked this part and have an awesome notebook to enjoy!

The Travel Log section is map work. The student draws a map of the country and then puts cities, rivers, and other landmarks on their map as they travel through that country. My daughter didn't want to draw a map, so we just looked things up on our wall map.

The Bringing it Home section covers art, books, food, music, and poetry information to really bring a culture into your home. We made Turkish Delight from a recipe in the book and it was a lot of fun! There are very useful internet links in this section.

We also made a passport with my daughter's thumbprint, picture, and everything. So every time we visited a new country, we put that country's flag in her passport along with dates and significant landmarks that we 'visited'. I got copies of the flags from internet searches and then just saved and shrunk the images down until they were the right size.

The writing in this book is excellent. The author really makes it understandable and fun for children without dumbing it down. I also appreciate the tone of the book. It obviously talks about God and His people, but not in a 'shove it down your throat' way like some curriculum I have come across. The writing is very gentle and natural.

This is one of the best homeschool purchases I have made yet and we plan on holding onto this book to use again!