Systematic Math

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  • Reviewed on Monday, May 14, 2018
  • Grades Used: 1st and 2nd book
  • Dates used: 2017 to now
Does anyone have any used systemic math literature. I am willing to purchase it. I already have the first two books, I really love them and easy for my children to comprehend. I am just trying to look ahead.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
  • Grades Used: 8th- math rescur
  • Dates used: 2013
My daughter has never been a fan of math. At this point we are on lesson 11. She is doing it and enjoying it. We went through a regular math curriculum, then because it didn't seem to register, she went on and did some "key to " series to hopefully make it a little more clear then she moved on to math rescue. Our theory was we would rather have her very grounded, then move on and not have a clue about anything! So Math rescue has been a hit. She says she finally gets it! I will definately move on with their programs when finished with Math Rescue!


  • Reviewed on Friday, December 2, 2011
  • Grades Used: Math Rescue
  • Dates used: 7 weeks
I used this with my 14/15yo dd to fill in gaps and help her to understand the whys of math and not just the do this approach.

We had used many different math programs trying to fix what the schools had messed up and I was wanting something to prepare her for Algebra. When I called and asked SM about our situation, I was told that Math Rescue would prepare her for Algebra.

No, not really. We are halfway through Math Rescue and I am returning it to SM.

Helps to understand and workout word problems better.
Short lessons-15-35 mins. long
Has an actual teacher using a white board with students in the class, asking questions.
There are data and study sheets that accompany lessons.

There is no table of contents at all.
The scope & sequence does not line up with a typical pre-algebra curriculum.
It is a pain to pop in the cd to put on lessons and another one to provide answers and worksheets.
The teacher writes very sloppy on the board to the point of not being able to read the numbers-very confusing at times.
The teacher mumbles.
There are no solutions at all. If you can't help your student, you have to call SM and that is very inconvenient.
There are only five lessons that address decimal and percents-not each-but both topics.
After the fractions, decimals, and percents-the rest of the program takes an odd turn and starts teaching interest on mortgages, compound interest, more business math and finally a ridiculous amount of on-typical geometry.

I think the people at SM are good people,taking the time to initially answer your questions. This math curriculum is not at all what I expected and I had no way of knowing until it was in my hands.

I will say that this would be good for adults who want to brush up on math in the real world, but definitely not to prepare for Algebra.
There is no


  • Reviewed on Thursday, April 9, 2009
  • Grades Used: 2nd grade
  • Dates used: 1/09-4/09
I LOVE this program! This program teaches you why not just how. I wish someone would have taught me this way!My son struggled with memorizing addition facts and now his is able to figure them out. He learned all his 9, 10 and 11 facts in about one week!!!!
The program came with a data cd so I'll be able to reuse with my
daughter. The lessons are on video ( not the best quality but it gets the job done) I do wish it came with more practice sheets though.The price is right and I don't think I will use anything else.