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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, September 6, 2011
  • Grades Used: 2nd
  • Dates used: 2011
WE have the complete Rod and Staff curriculum, we dont use it all but we do love the health. It has a good lessons that are easy to complete, and has great education on manners, and safety. My son loves to discuss them with me as he sees how much it pleases mommy to teach such good lessons. Not boring with the black and white either, its actually more fun at times since he can color in some of the pictures.

Rachel R.

  • Reviewed on Thursday, June 1, 2006
  • Grades Used: 2nd
  • Dates used: 2005
We used the R & S "Health and Manners" books in 2nd grade. The workbook is very inexpensive and in black and white. I did not have a teacher's book with it (I don't think they have a teacher's book but I could be wrong).

Very easy, very simple direct lessons. Proper hygiene is addressed, manners and how to behave in public. Respect for adults and property is also presented.

The pictures included in the workbooks I had my kids color in with colored pencils after each lesson. We read the short story, answered questions and talked about the topic. Total teaching time per lesson was about 20-30 minutes. The lessons are given in a very conservative, Christian perspective, which we appreciated.

I treated this as a short unit study, and we also added in library books on a topic, (such as dental hygiene, table manners, etc.) and it took us about 8 weeks to finish.

A good basic foundation on health to lay down for the children.