Noeo Science Chemistry II

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  • Reviewed on Monday, July 17, 2006
  • Grades Used: 5th
  • Dates used: Jan - May '05
We began using Chemistry II in Jan. and broke in May when our school year ended. We're definitely going to pick it up again this fall! The "novelty" never wore off and it really was "do-able" just like I first suspected! My oldest is in 5th grade, and I've constanly heard, "I don't like science!" over the years. I kept trying to convince her she did, and thought she would have enjoyed some experiments/curriculum we have tried in the past. After she started using noeo Chemistry II curriculum in Jan., I heard her say repeatedly all semester long, "I LOVE science now mom!" She was so self motivated, I had to get her to wait for me on some lessons, because I didn't want to miss out! It's been great, and we're looking forward to continuing it. It's been so easy to teach, the books are high quality, the experiments are simple but teach great lessons, and the science notebooks the students kept turned out fabulous. Thankyou noeo science for putting together such a wonderful curriculum! I think you've really hit the mark in meeting the needs of homeschool families.