Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology

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  • Reviewed on Monday, October 17, 2011
  • Grades Used: 7 - 9
  • Dates used: 2009
Enjoyed this biology course, being a science major in college, I kept thinking how wonderful this book has put introduction material together so well. Children liked the format and the lab (material purchased all in one, lifesaver ! ) was fun for the kids.
Great introduction course to biology.
Highly recommend !

Homeschool Child

  • Reviewed on Friday, September 10, 2010
  • Grades Used: 8th-9th
  • Dates used: 2006-2008
I used this as my high school biology class and later 3 of my friends used it. We all loved it. It was very easy to understand and a lot of fun. My aunt who teaches science classes to homeschool kids uses this curriculem with all of her highschoolers.


  • Reviewed on Monday, April 20, 2009
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: 2008-2009
This is an excellent science curriculum! I am currently using this book for my freshman year of high school. The text is enjoyable and easy to read. The on your own questions interspersed throughout the text provide sufficient review of material covered. The labs and dissections are thorough and designed for the home. I appreciate the fact that they do not require lots of expensive lab equipment to complete the labs in this course. The study guides review nearly all of the materal covered in the module, and the module summaries provided in Appendix B also thoroughly review each module and are excellent study aids. The tests for each module (16 total, plus 4 quarterly exams) are well-written and challenging, and the vocabulary section of each test could also be pulled to create an additional test. This is a very strong program, and if your student is weak in science, you should probably start with Apologia's Physical Science course. I highy recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality science program, and I can't wait to begin Marine Biology next year!

Leslie S.

  • Reviewed on Thursday, August 23, 2007
  • Grades Used: Grade 9
  • Dates used: 2005-2006 and 2006-2007
The proof of this program's success is in how many high schoolers are able to use it and get college credit. Though it is only a "first" year course, I learned a lot along with my daughters in spite of the fact that I had 2 years of Biology in High School and more in college. My second daughter decided at the beginning of the year that she would try the CLEP exam for Biology at the end of the year. I was a bit skeptical of success with only a year of Biology under her belt. Shame on me! She scored a 61 which is well above the required passing score of 50! My other daughter took the Natural Sciences exam after using Apologia through Chemistry and scored a 56. No question, Apologia works!