Googol Power Math

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Janice Simpson

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, August 3, 2005
  • Grades Used: K-5 (and up)
  • Dates used: May 04+
We found the two music cds and DVD a wonderful way to support our current math curriculum. There are two music cds- Addition Celebration and Multiplication Vacation to practice math facts. What I really liked was the way the authors weaved other facts such as geography, history and even art into the songs. This sparked many discussions for our family afterwards and even several trips to the library to do more research. My children really loved the music, characters and storylines, which made them want to listen everytime we were in the car. Finally finding something the kids liked made it much easier to get the repetition necessary to memorize math facts. The DVD reinforces the visuals of Multiplication. I strongly recommend this series as a supplement to any math program and additionally as a way to spark interest in other topics. There are many levels of learning and it is entertaining and educational for the whole family. The cds are reasonably priced and there is free sup porting materials on their website at