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Coffee Heidi

  • Reviewed on Friday, July 1, 2005
  • Grades Used: all
  • Dates used: 2004+
This book is a *must* for anyone homeschooling a gifted child. I learned the hard way that it's one thing to be "raised" in the gifted education system of public schools to raise, let alone homeschool, a gifted child of your own.

Mz. Rivero's book provides the reader with many wonderful things. Some of these include:
* Identifying giftedness
* Various types of giftedness including ansychronist learners (a child maybe be gifted in mathmatics, but be at or below grade level in grammar or reading
* Why public schools, and even schools for the gifted, can be bad for gifted children
* Personal accounts by both parents and their homeschooled children (the book is littered with them :-)
* Discussion on various subjects - not just for children gifted in them, but those who aren't or are reluctant. (Example: a child who is gifted in language arts, but is reluctant in math)
* The varous teaching/homeschooling styles, the pros & cons of each, and how to adapt each style to the gifted student
* A plethora of resources - curriculum, testing, and much more

The text is clear, well thought out, organized... Maybe best of all, it's reassuring to parents who sometimes get freaked out about trying to provide an education for their intense and gifted children who, "have to know everything about subjects x,y,z *now*!" even when the subject matter is normally (in schools) taught many grades later.

Buy this book or borrow it from the library. You won't be disappointed :-)