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Mary Jane

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • Grades Used: Several Grade Levels
  • Dates used: 2004-2014
Hello! I thought I'd share an article from Pace Success, called "Reasons Students Like ACE". The focus is mostly on teens (teens give their input here) but we also hear from the parents. I thought it was a good article that others here might like to read. Here's the link:

Here's the homepage to this site:

I used ACE for 10 years of our homeschooling- not for all subjects- we used Bible, English, History, Science, Literature and Creative Writing, and Animal Science. Also used ACE Spanish. We really enjoyed ACE when we used it.

Irish mom

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • Grades Used: K-2
  • Dates used: 2016
I have just begun home education using the ACE curriculum this Summer and so far so good. I am using ACE kindergarten, ABCs with ACE and Christi and 2nd grade PACEs. I have found the PACES excellent for my two older kids.... They like the layout, the tests and stars on their progress charts. Learning the Bible verses is excellent too. I would be of the opinion that ACE is ahead of the public school actually. What I would say is that I too got the Kindergarten binders but cannot keep up the daily lessons and help the other two children. So I use the Kindergarten PACES and tailor it to my son. I do Maths every day with my second grader and than one of the other subjects IE English, Science etc. I also supplement some phonics and reading books myself so it's not ALL PACES. To me ACE is a curriculum tool I can use, not a tool to rule my day....I would recommend ACE....but use it to your needs and supplement where you feel to. ACE is wonderful to see the kids progress. I supervise and correct all their work, I give them reward stickers and they are not allowed to look at any material during a test. That way I know and they know if they are learning.....


  • Reviewed on Friday, August 12, 2016
  • Grades Used: Rr01-Rr12 (kindergarten)1001-1012 1st grade
  • Dates used: 2014\2015 2015/2016
I used ACEs kindergarten with Ace and Christi. The package came with 4 large 3 ring binders which were the teachers manuals. It was laid out really nice easy to use. Daily lesson plans which I really appreciate.The kit also came with goal cards a development test, a growth chart, progress report cards a master record sheet a kindergarten graduation certificate, Animal Abc cards the number train which is a train with 10 numbers on each part of a train until it gets to 100 which is alone on the caboose. It also comes with quite a few stickers and several other things. It has 12 Paces per subject. Overall the grade I would give all the material is an A+. The stuff they put in the kits are really nice really worth the money. The customer sevice is AWESOME they will answer the phone in a timely manner and help in any way they can. Ive called I dont know how many times and they are always super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately that's not all I base my opinion about a curriculum on. As for the curriculum itself the Kindergarten really taught what our public schools teach in preschool for 3-4 year olds. I would recommend it as a structured preschool program. They were constantly saying absolutely no writing in Kindergarten in the manual. In our public schools the kids are taught to write all their letters and numbers 0-20.
I also used 1st grade with ACE and Christi and the ABCS with Ace and Christi came with it. It came with 2 large 3 ring binders which were teachers manuals. An ABCs pretest and post test and an ABCs certificate lots of stuff in the student kit. The lessons were laid out well the materials are really nice and it comes with quite a bit of stuff 12 paces per subject. I think ACE is really behind. My cousin Is in the same grade as my daughter and he attends public school he was already reading when coming out of kindergarten, my daughter was too but because I taught her not because of Ace as they don't teach that until 1st grade. His homework was way beyond what ACE was teaching. Everything you do is pretty much memorize fill in the blanks or circle the right answer for instance if you read a story that says "Ace loves wags. Wags loves Ace. Ace and wags are pals." The review would go Ace loves_____. Wags wegs or wogs Wags ______Ace. Loves leaves lost Ace and Wags are_____.pals pens pal (and you choose and fill in the blank) it's literally verbatim what you read in the story. The math is like if you do 1+2. 3+1. 2+1. 1+3 then the review will be the same questions i really dislike that. If your child is good with memorizing chances are he/she could excel and not learn anything in this program. Ive seen people say that they move them up to the next pace level within a year but even if, its still the same basic ,memorize, fill in the blanks, forget and so on. I do love their bible reading I really loved the God-centeredness and kjv (were die hard KJVers in this house :).) I like the dreamesque American family portrayal of Ace and his community but I see this as a CON because nobody is really that perfect and no child (well mine anyways) is really that perfect and even though my kids didn't notice or care other kids may be more observant. It doesn't bother me because I get that they're trying to show kids a model child to follow but seriously he and christi are so perfect in every way I always found it funny. I will probably never use ACE again as I just cant believe how far behind our public schools and alot of the other curriculums the work is.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, November 19, 2015
  • Grades Used: K-12
  • Dates used: 1982-1993
My mom home-schooled me from kindergarten all the way up to graduation and she did it with ACE!!!! I excelled at all the tests that I took and I LOVED learning the whole time. I especially loved English, Spelling, and History, and it was ACE that drew me in and enticed me to learn more about American and World history because the little stories and historical facts were written at MY level and they grew right along with me. I never felt bored, confused, or unable to keep up with words/stories/explanations that just were beyond my learning level. I was always able to get my work done quickly and, for the most part, on my own. I didn't have to wait for my mom to be able to lead the way. If she was sick, or needed to go somewhere, or was going through a tough pregnancy, I was still able to get my schoolwork done. I worked through my Paces, and set aside anything that I had questions about and she would sit with me and talk and walk me through it later in the day. This did not happen very often, because it was all so well-written and understandable. It didn't hurt my critical thinking skills either, as I've heard some people insist it will do. In fact, it gave me a desire to learn more about history and science, and because it has such a wonderful phonics foundation, I learned to read at an early age and LOVED to read. I did my studies and then you would often find me lounging around on the couch or my bed in the afternoons reading history books, science books, mystery books, etc. Every genre you can imagine. It was wonderful! I would walk to the library and check out book after book after book, and the nice thing was I could read them any time I wanted. They weren't scheduled into the school day as a "must do" project. I think in some ways that really made it more fun for me. It was my hobby, and not just more school work to be done.
When I was getting ready to graduate just one month after I turned 17, my mom made me take ALL the tests required in our state, and I tested into the third year College level. That's a pretty good testimonial to the long-term benefits of using ACE in my opinion.

Anyway, I am certainly not bashing other more CM curricula. Different methods work for different folks. I just don't want people reading the negative reviews to come away feeling bad if they want to use ACE in their home-school journey. I can attest personally to it's success when used in a home-school environment. In fact, I thought it was FUN, and although sometimes it really was a bit over the top with making everything a "God" or "Salvation" issue, that was educational, too, because it was the launching-pad for many a Bible discussion/study with my Mom, siblings, and myself.