Scott Foresman Exploring Mathematics

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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: 2010
I used SF Exploring Mathematics when I worked in public school.I was able to "preview" the curriculum before ever using it at home.

I chose to use the SF Exploring Mathematics student text when my oldest started Kindergarten because I saw how well it worked in the classroom with all kinds of learners.

My daughter loved the colorful, interesting illustrations and the math storybooks.This is perfect for a kid that is math hesitant but is into words.

What I liked about it was the introduction and home-school connection piece at the start of each chapter. There are excellent suggestions for books to read along with the material.

I picked up a student text online and did not need a teacher edition. I believe my text was about $30 used. You may want to buy a jar of counters, the flat kind, and a set of unifix cubes.

I will use this curriculum with my future kindergartners.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, March 19, 2006
  • Grades Used: 1st-3rd
  • Dates used: 2002-05
My dd used Scott Foresman math from 1-3 grades in private school. It is the most confusing and below level textbook, I've seen. She would always ask why they weren't learning anything new in math. Fortunately, we homeschooled her this year, now she does not have to endure this mediocre math program anymore.
Scott Foresman=Poor Math Skills

Cassie Hale

  • Reviewed on Friday, August 26, 2005
  • Grades Used: K/1
  • Dates used: current
So far, so good. I used Abeka last year for my eldest (Kindergarten). Now that I'm using Kindergarten with our 2nd daughter, I realize we missed a lot of concepts and critical thinking skills. I'm really glad we switched. Both girls love doing math now and ask to do it first thing! I really like the balance between drill and hands-on. Great product.

Carol Baker

  • Reviewed on Friday, August 18, 2000
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: July 2000 thru the rest of this year
This book is just what I was looking for, the graphics are great. Colorful pictures help keep my son interested. The concepts seem to be introduced gradually and he is following without any problem. It is basically a workbook and there is little teacher instruction. Counters are needed for the manipulative activities. Graphing, patterns, measurement, time, money, fractions, probability, addition, subtraction, and learning numbers to 31.