Mother Goose Time

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Jane Black

  • Reviewed on Friday, January 1, 2010
  • Grades Used: Ages 2-4
  • Dates used: 2009-2013
2013: I loved Mother Goose Time for a number of years. I must say, I'm a loyal customer and really, REALLY believe in this curriculum. I have seen it significantly help children who are now in grade school. The Mother Goose Time system is so well organized and is consistent in its hands-on approach to learning. I was able to easily adapt it to the specific developmental levels of my children. Now they are in grade school and I use a different curriculum because Mother Goose Time is exclusively a preschool - PreK program. I would use it again any day. Below is my original review in 2009.

2009 Reviewed: I love Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. This is my first year to use it - but every month I am more impressed. As an educator myself, I thought I would put together my own curriculum as I started homeschooling my two children this year. But after hearing from a friend of mine that Mother Goose Time was more than a bunch of crafts and projects but a truly well thought-through, reserach-based program, I decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe all the creative projects, art supplies, and professional children's music that was included. The lesson plan book is very well written and easy to follow. Each day is a different topic...For example if the month is all about Trees, one day we focus on leaves, another day on birds living in the trees.

The art is open-ended so both my younger and older child can successfully participate. Everything is so hands-on and I love the folder game that comes every month. We've saved them and play them in the evenings as a family.

I've researched many various curriculum resources and this is the most comprehensive and affordable for the quality it offers.



  • Reviewed on Sunday, December 21, 2008
  • Grades Used: Pre-K
  • Dates used: 2007-2008
I used this curriculum-in-a-box when my daughter was two years old. It was great for her then. We skipped a lot of the stuff that was aimed towards groups, but generally there was enough to do, that that was fine with us. My daughter mainly loved the crafts, and I mainly loved the little to no preparation! I just pull out the day's packet, look at the curriculum guide and did what we could. My daughter begged to do "school." There were quite a few activities that my daughter (at 2) was not yet ready for yet though.

Now that my daughter is three this curriculum seems much to simple in general. My daughter is a little advanced, so perhaps this will be great for most. But my daughter has started reading already and is starting 1st grade phonics, she already knows her shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc. She cuts and pastes well. So, I find that, other than the crafts (wonderful!), this really isn't meeting her needs. I presently use Click N Read Phonics ( and Hooked on Phonics K. I ordered enough materials last year from Mother Goose Times (for three children, because it cost so little extra), that we are doing the crafts we skipped and doing some again this year that we did last year, and she still loves it. So, I haven't been able to justify the cost this year. BUT, that said, if I didn't have the leftovers from last year this kit would almost be worth it for the crafts--there are a lot of them and the materials are provided. If I tried to put that much together each month it would cost me more than $50! and I would never actually get around to it! Plus, you get a book (sometimes good, sometimes not), and a CD (well, my daughter likes them).

I got "The Learning Box" for one month and it was set up pretty much exactly like Mother Goose Times (not sure who copied who). But the main difference in the two is that Mother Goose Times' curriculum was very simple (for younger kids or those not as advanced yet perhaps), but The Learning Box had kids learning about things more in depth and with discussions. Take a look at the sample pages each place provides and I think you may see what I mean. I think the month I had we learned about the arctic fox, snowy owl, polar bears, seals, etc. their environment, etc. So, it takes a much more advanced child (mine wasn't really ready at the time) for it, IMHO. So, if your child is older or needs more engaging material, that might be the one to go with.

If I were to pay this price (~$50/mo.), I'd probably go with The Learning Box at this point for the good discussions since that would offer something more for us than just the crafts. But if a curriculum-in-a-box appeals to you and your child isn't ready for such in depth stuff, then Mother Goose Times might be great for you. Oh, and the crafts are not all "cookie cutter" (every kid's project comes out identical, with little free expression)--most are "open ended", apparently at one point they were not. Thankfully, you can get just one month and try it!


  • Reviewed on Sunday, March 30, 2008
  • Grades Used: pre-k
  • Dates used: 2005-2006
I used Mothergoose Time in my child care facility. I felt overall that it was a good program. The main reason that we stopped using the program was because they hardly include any of the materials. I found myself having to spend a lot of additional money on add ons and crafting materials. I wanted to have a program that included everything that I would need for the month. We switched to Adventures In Learning and have been very happy with their program it is exactly what we were looking for. So if anyone is interested check them out at


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, April 24, 2007
  • Grades Used: PreK
  • Dates used: For 3 months in 2007

We love Mother Goose Time, however, it is just too expensive for me to continue using. If I had a classroom I would certainly use this, but with one child, there just isn't enough to fill our time. We finish the work in 15 or 20 minutes usually, sometimes I can stretch it an hour. If I read every week in advance and fill in on certain days it helps, but I am then finding myself spending 50 dollars for Mother Goosetime, and then I STILL have to buy more things to supplement our day. 600 dollars a year is ALOT, and they are raising their prices.
I am going to go with a curriculum different curriculum this fall.

Here is what I LOVED about Mother Goosetime:

-The projects were fun! And the themes great.

-The days were all figured out for you, explained in a Teachers Manual, AND individual packed in plastic. So you just grab the day on top and work your way through the box.

-About half of the Materials are precut, so you just punch them out.

-My daughter loved it & was learning!

What I didnt like:

-Everything comes in one box, and since I only have one child, the cups for the projects always came to me crushed.

-The price $$

-Alot of the activities are focused towards groups, and aren't easily adjusted to do with one child (such as interactive games a class would play).

-We finished the days work in about 35 minutes average

-A folder game comes with every month, yet you are only supplied with one folder for the year. If you want more you are expected to buy them.

All in all Mother Goose time is great. I may even still buy a box from time to time when there is a theme that we will enjoy-just for fun!