Power Glide German

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, April 19, 2008
  • Grades Used: Level 1, Elementary
  • Dates used: 3/15/2008-current
The previous reviews seem based on a CD program. The program my daughter uses is all online. We were offered one or two semesters, with three levels: "Just the course," "Add a transcript," and "Add a certified teacher." We are using two semesters, "Just the course."

My daughter is nearly 5, reading at a first grade level. She asks to do the German lesson every day, finding it exciting and interesting. There is a simple vocabulary matching game for practice, age appropriate stories, and coloring pages that we can print out. Though I don't think that they introduce vocabulary very well, we've worked around this by doing the assignments out of order on the day's lesson. I also go back to previous vocab. activities to reinforce learning. We have complete control over when we do each lesson, and each assignment within the lesson. The only exception is the quiz - once those are taken, a message appears indicating that the answers have been given if you try to retake it. We've taken one quiz so far and I found it very appropriate to her age level. My favorite part is the "culturegram," a section devoted to learning about German culture. My daughter's favorite part is the ongoing episodic story that gradually replaces English with German.

Unfortunately, there is no difference between "parent access" and "child access." The account is the same for either one. This would be fine for an older child, but I have to sit and work with my 4 yr old for each lesson. I enjoy the chance to learn something new, but I would appreciate adult directed guides for pronunciation and grammer so I can correct my daughter when necessary. So far, (25 lessons into the program) there has been no discussion of grammer. My daughter is learning conversational german through this program. I prefer this method - it is much like the way children learn their native language with vocabulary and conversation before the emphasis on grammer and writing. But this may not appeal to some parents.

We checked out all the programs available to us for German and found power-glide to be the best for her age level. The stories are fun and exciting and very appropriate for her age and understanding.

Susan Trexel

  • Reviewed on Friday, July 9, 2004
  • Grades Used: Jr.
  • Dates used: 2002
After all the rave reviews in catalogs, I thought this would be a good program. I was very disappointed. It was difficult to use, esp. where to find your place on the CD. It was boring to my child, who was 9 yrs. old. Also, I didn't think it had enough repetition and review, and at times went way to fast with new vocabulary. And I did not appreciate the narrator talking like the local teenager, saying Cool all the time, ( we don't talk like that in our family) and having a teenage attitude about his voice. I will not bother with Power Glide again, and was glad to sell it on ebay.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, October 28, 2001
  • Grades Used: k-4th
  • Dates used: june-sept 2001
I agree with Mary that this was a very disappointing program. The underlying concept of the program is excellent but the implementation is mediocre. The German pronunciation was lousy, the acting lame, and there were errors in the German!! The story line was also pretty stupid. My daughter (4yo) likes the activities, but always wants to fastforward the English-language stories. We had hoped we would like the program enough to purchase Spanish as well, but we will definately be looking elsewhere.