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Shawnon Glimpse

  • Reviewed on Saturday, July 23, 2005
  • Grades Used:
  • Dates used: 1999+
I used play 'n talk years ago at the advice of a friend who had purchased the original LP edition and loved it, with many children. I got the new and improved "computer" version - I found it awful, the sound tracks were hard to listen to, and the CD thing was not really well integrated, plus we didn't find it necessary to use the books, and seldom touched the games. Then the Montessori folks started working with the product and now it is entirely repackaged - with all of the wonderful features of the original program, and all on audio CD - using the books & games. In addition they have reinvented the lesson plan layout, working the games into the daily lessons. Great! I may venture back into play 'n talk again, with these improvements. It is very audio-oriented and has a real charm that young children find appealling. Also, the $400 price tag is gone. It is now $299 and they have a payment plan, I might also mention that the storage box is a new "superb" feature.


  • Reviewed on Friday, March 25, 2005
  • Grades Used: K-4
  • Dates used: 1993-2001
What an EXCELLENT program. I have used them all... and this one is the BEST. It is the Cadillac of all Phonics Programs. Run, don't walk, and buy Play-N-Talk. You will not regret it, ever.

It is thorough, sequential, fun, pure. It is a breath of fresh air compared to some programs!!!

Janice Kern

  • Reviewed on Monday, March 29, 2004
  • Grades Used: preK-4
  • Dates used: 1994- present
When I bought PNT 10 years ago, it was expensive then. But I multiplied 4 children times 4 years and concluded it didn't cost that much per capita! I have now used it for 6 children, but generally only for 2 years. One of my 6 children has dislexia, which we didn't know at the time. Recently, I read an article on dislexia, which told of ways to retrain the mind. PNT teaches many of these, and so we helped her even before recognizing the problem.
All my children have really enjoyed using PNT. As my children were still small when they reached the level of slide and sound, I made a flip book from index cars in a sm. binder.
I would agree that it takes an awful lot of time to get everything set up in this program, but it is oh, so worth it! I would suggest setting aside a few days, and just immersing yourself in the program, and getting all your cards, etc. prepared. I still have my original books, although they are falling apart from numerous trips in the car and being thrown across the room. I use Bob Books and library books to supliment as readers. Also, at home you can take an easy reader you have, and underline (or have your child underline!) the appropriate words (i.e. The CAT was hot when he SAT on my MAT.We found the typing section to not be very useful, but they may have improved that now.

Mary-Jane Rice

  • Reviewed on Saturday, February 2, 2002
  • Grades Used: Beginning Reader
  • Dates used: 1993-1196
I found Play 'n Talk to be a very easy-to-use and thorough program. The initial orientation the parent makes with the program (which is quite intense-plan to take 3-4 hours of prep time to get a real feel for the program)is very important, and makes it easy to use it from day-to-day with almost no preparation. As one works through the books (no writing involved, purely true phonics) they can spend as long as necessary to master each level. To aid in mastery there are some neat games-- Spell Lingo and Slide and Sound as well as a Ring 'n Key typing course, an added feature. My son absolutely LOVED hearing the teacher and her pupils on tape and Phonics was a pleasure! The only things I would change about P'n T would be adding more readers for the child to read independently once they've mastered each section(like SSR&W has).I plan to use this for my little guy next year. Satisfied customer!!