Science in Creation Week

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Denise Leiman

  • Reviewed on Sunday, January 11, 2004
  • Grades Used: 5th
  • Dates used: 2003-present
I was so happy to find this book! I wanted something that presented science as more than facts, how I learned in public schools for 10 years and never liked science. Now, after using this with my daughter, hey! I find out I love science. To me, science is about discovery, looking past the suface, to how and why of things. This is what it does. I found in looking at other books, some were too dry and fact oriented, and others were only fun experiemtns to do, but kids may not learn @ science! This book presents science in relation to each part of creation- light, matter,water,etc. It is written to the teacher and student, explaining some basic principles of science(light travels in a straight line for example)and then some discovery activities your child will love doing, and they use easy to find stuff from home. For ex. a light experiment about how light travels in a straight line. You simply cut equal size holes in 4 pieces of poster board, and line them up to shine a flash light through in a dark room. As your child moves a board, the light is blocked and doesn't 'flow' around objects. Then, they are directed to get mirrors to 'bounce' the light.Just a very solid, easy to understand (yet challenging enough) to give an opportunity to know what science is about- and to enjoy it. Each day of creation is a seperate chapter-you are even given short verses from the creation account in Genesis. Really truly a rare find.This is real science put into real life teaching and application-it is not presumptious and not too easy- you will also appreciate the simple and straightforward presentation- no long prep time, instruction videos to watch,- just pick up the book and go! (Obviously you should look at it first, so you know what you;ll be teaching and have some understanding of it,). A true delight!!