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  • Reviewed on Saturday, December 14, 2013
  • Grades Used: High School
  • Dates used: 2011-present
Do not, whatever you do, go with Apex. I started out with Apex 4 years ago. My first year was fairly good and I had fine, though not fabulous teachers. I took Science Foundations and Algebra I. After that, the classes began to go downhill. My grades did not suffer (all As), but I could actually feel the quality of the class begin to drop. Common Core was adopted, the teachers seemed to stop paying attention (I would go weeks without getting assignments returned) and there were all kinds of glitches, both with the software and with the corporation. The most glaring of these was the recent mass-student email that was sent out, displaying every single student's email addresses. The next morning, there was a panicked email from Apex assuring everybody that they were safe and that nothing was going to happen. Imagine everybody's surprise (NOT) when a week later, two spam emails came into our inboxes from a student, yet again displaying the emails. There is absolutely no reason to go with Apex Learning in this day and age. They are not cheap, their quality is awful, and they have some serious technical issues that need to be resolved ASAP (although maybe it's too late). There are many other wonderful, small, private online schools that don't have these kinds of issues.

Susan Winter

  • Reviewed on Thursday, October 28, 2004
  • Grades Used: high school
  • Dates used: 9/04-current
I can't tell you how pleased we are w/ ApexLearning's online AP Statistics class. It has been a challenge for DD's first-ever homeschool year (junior in hs), which is what she has been looking for! There is great student interaction on their class forum and the teachers are extremely responsive and instructive. We will definitely be doing their AP Calculus class next year, as well as some lower-level classes for the other dd's.
Highly recommend these guys! Check them out!