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  • Reviewed on Tuesday, July 5, 2016
  • Grades Used: 10
  • Dates used: 2016
I been trying to get my 17 year old in this school for the past month. They asked for all the stuff like your going to a public school. Because I was married and it was on his birth certificate they try to tell me I was not his mother, I try to tell them he has his fathers last name. I was married before, I got with him and he past way 19 years ago. They didn't want to hear about that. Then I got with his dad and I have another son with him. I'm now remarried and we been together for almost 3. That was a sin because they started on that too. They wanted wanted my detected husbands death certificate my son's, father's marriage license from a guy I was never marred too, and my marred license now. I'm having people looking into this so great school because to me it's trash.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, April 10, 2016
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
I was pulled out of public school because of medical reasons in the end of April of 2015. Immediately we started applying for k12. Because i didn't finish my 9th grade year i didnt have a full 4, 9 weeks of grades and i only had 3. No matter how many times we told them i didn't finish my 9th grade year, they kept asking for the 4th 9 weeks grade. Then proceeded to say, "Well since your child didnt finish the 9th grade, were making her repeat the whole year but she has to wait until Feb. 2016 to start school to finish what she didnt." Aren't the last 3 months of school just reviewing for the FSA's and all the other end of course exams? But, it gets even better. ALL of my teachers except for my math teacher decided to quit at once. I was left for at least 2-3 months without a teacher, trying to learn all of this on my own. I used to have A's and B's and now im down to 3 C's a D and a 100% A because that teacher quit and decided not to replace her. Some of my teachers are absolute jerks. I was having problems with the class connect sessions and not being able o access my work for world history, emailed my teacher about it and told me it wasn't his problem and to figure it out on my own or call tech support. The ONLY teacher i have interacting with me is my art teacher. My English teacher went from telling us to write a research paper on something SCIENTIFIC (why is she trying to teach science when shes an english teacher?) to making us read Macbeth. The lessons are ALL OVER the place. I hate this school and would rather be enrolled back into my public high school and miss some days from being in the hospital and make up the work then be behind in everything and being extremely stressed out.


  • Reviewed on Saturday, March 19, 2016
  • Grades Used: 3
  • Dates used: January 2016- March 2016
If you have a special Ed or OHI (other health imparment) child DO NOT expect this school to give you any support. My OHI child is failling 5 classes even though her AEP papers say she has AN extra week to complete assignments. None of the teachers in all 5 classes reached out to us to let us know her gerades were falling or to ask if we needed anything or to offer any support what do ever. She was supposed to be put into special Ed math classes that were only offers weeks after I was told she would be getting it in 24 to 48 hours ,and that was only AFTER I sent an email asking why her classes had no yet changed to special ed. If you are a low income or no income family the school will not offer you any help to obtain the matirals to complete any special assignments. Example of this would be 3rd grade book report. Only 3 books are given as options. If none of your local Libraries carry any of these books too bad!! When I asked the teacher what we should do I was told "there's nothing that can be done since it's just now being addressed" even though my child is supposed to recive extra time (up to 1 week) to complete assignments. We had just gotten to the assignment due to cancer related illness. The teacher was uncaring (mrs. Deskree) , and not at all helpful! I was told "all students are expected to meet requirments" I assume that applies to mentally chalanged children, and children who have sever health issues. They will not addvance your child to the next grade. The law every child success dose not is ignored by k12. Your child is set up for failer.


  • Reviewed on Friday, February 26, 2016
  • Grades Used: K, 4th
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
DO NOT USE K12!!! If I could only get one point across to anyone, it would be that this school will put your child behind, whether they are above or below average and even if they finish all the work. I have many complaints and I know that I will not be able to remember or get to all of them, but bare with me.

I am a mother of four, two of which use K12 currently. This is not my first year homeschooling. Teaching was my first career choice and I even went so far in college as to intern at an elementary school. This isn't my first rodeo.

First, the admissions process is a pain. The website itself is not clear at first and takes getting used to. We started weeks before school started and were still without supplies for the first two weeks of classes while they processed everything. I had to visit my own school district three times to get the proper forms and allowances (k12 does not explain this part well). I also spoke to the admissions officers many times, making sure they had everything, and six months later I am still getting phone calls saying I did not turn everything in (even though I verified they had everything from day one). I understand this last is an isolated incident, but really? How thick do you have to be?

Second, the website is so faulty that I would burn it to the ground if I could (figuratively of course, I don't condone arson). I was immediately in love with all of the colors, did the sample lessons with my kids, enjoyed the games. This was until we discovered just how often the website would quit working, kick us out after five minutes of being logged in, and fail to pull up entire portions of the website (including their kmail or their daily classes). Their solution was to send out a statewide email telling everyone to check their own computers, like thousands of students and learning coaches are all doing something wrong, while they are doing everything right. The more likely scenario is that their website is crap and they won't take credit.

The website (as well as the curriculum) is also completely DISORGANIZED. For example: The materials list for the day does not give page numbers in books; page numbers for worksheets; and test information for whether it will be online, print out, or from a book. Materials lists for the units of a subject are also useless, don't show what pages or books are needed, and you can't click on anything to find out. I spend hours alone per week just gathering materials myself, going through full length classes to find information, and organizing everything myself so that my kids don't have to get up every five minutes to grab another book or search for another assignment. There is no such thing as being prepared before class.

Again, there is no definitive schedule or way of knowing what classes need to be finished when. There is a scale that says you need a certain percentage of your overall classwork to be done by the end of the month. For example, we will get an email saying we need to complete 9% more work by the end of the month. Unfortunately, there are OPTIONAL classes that affect this percentage and I still don't understand how they total in. I discovered myself that the percentage is based on what day in the year it is, divided by the 180 days of school each year. I also discovered that they teachers can't do math and one month actually told everyone they needed to do 2% less work than they needed, then we had to scramble to make up the classes we didn't do the month before. Geniuses.

Thirdly, this school is NOT tailored for each individual child. It is extremely strict and every child is required to do the same thing. Both my kindergartener and 4th grader will sit through weeks of classes they already know how to do, just to be rushed through information they've never seen before. We could skip the easy ones, but are still required to go back and complete the classes or risk failing grades.

Fourth, the teachers are useless. I don't even know what they do. Half of my kids grades are from assignments the teacher grades, but the funny part is that we haven't sent them a single assignment ever. Did I mention we've been in school for six months now? Where are there grades coming from? The only time we see them is to administer school wide testing and their required class connects (these are twice a week online virtual classes - which sincerely interfere with our daily lives even though that's part of the reason we homeschool). The classes never line up with the actual work they're doing and go so fast they're pointless.

As for testing, it's random and non uniform throughout each grade. For example, our five year old just got a review from his teacher saying he was far below average. During the test, the teacher neglected to mention it was timed, spoke over him the entire time, and didn't warn us further when we stopped to get some water when he was coughing due to a cold. Yes, his teacher must totally understand his academics completely (note the obvious sarcasm). These tests have only happened twice and I don't even understand what they are looking for until after I get the email explaining the results.

Fifth, the school does NOT send you all of the required materials. There are lessons that require specific books that they just neglected to send. Then, both of my kids are required to pick books they want to read at least once a month and I have to pray the library will have them, or guy buy them myself. I spent hundreds of dollars on science experiments that don't work, until we finally got the point and quit trying. I have had to print so much work that I've gone through a box of paper and two ink cartridges already. Not to mention, class connects and participation is required but they can't even send a $5 pair of headphones with a microphone.

I have to supplement so much of their work anyway that most of what they learn and do is because of me anyway. Here's an examples: Most of the year done and my kindergartener isn't even required to know how to write his name yet. Handwriting consists of a quarter inch thick book that we finished in the first month. Learning how to write letters and numbers didn't even line up with the phonics and math classes anyway, so I had to find a way for it to all blend. Kindergarteners also have no art class or PE. Science will have them learning specific cloud names one day (cirrus, cumulus, etc.) then teach them that giraffes don't live in a swamp. Seriously? (One of these things just doesn't belong here...)

Another example (and I could provide many) is composition for my 4th grader. There is a small booklet that attempts to teach book reports, poetry, and essays. The work is so slow he forgets everything by the next week, and he's only been required to write two assignments in six months. He's not learning anything. I've now decided to teach him myself. This is joke compared to his spelling class, which gives him about 25 new words every few days. Woah. Even I couldn't learn that much that fast. Vocabulary is also amazingly terrible, considering that the unit tests NEVER use the vocabulary words they just spent weeks learning.

If my lengthy (sorry) review deters even one parent from enrolling their child, then we will be happy. K12 has no idea what to teach a child or how to even teach them. No self respecting teacher would every condone a program that is so disorganized, inconsistent, and careless about our children's future.

We will be using Connections Academy in our state next year and would pay the $5,000 per child tuition just to have their program instead.

We would also be incredibly happy to see K12 shut down, but this is the first time I've been able to get a survey, review, or like out to any public forum because they are sincerely opposed to sending out legitimate surveys themselves. Heed my words: this school may advertise well, but that does not make them educators.