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  • Reviewed on Friday, February 5, 2016
  • Grades Used: 11th
  • Dates used: 2014-2016
K12 was supposed to keep my son on track and graduating at his original date. They say you can work at your own pace and that they are there to help you every step of the way. That is completely untrue. I would have done better to enroll him in another program but now it's too late and we are left scrambling trying to figure out what to do next and where to place him now.

He was having problems keeping up and I was contacted to make sure he stayed on track and was told if he didn't that he would be dropped. He completed the 6 hours a day that he was told do to (when in fact there is not 6 hours of work to be completed every day). Then when the beginning of the semester started (2/4/16) I couldn't log in to any of his information nor could he. I called around and had to get numbers from people to speak to an administrator and come to find out that the online school policy is that I have to write a letter and snail mail it to "Withdraw Dispute" not an actual person and it will be reviewed and answered within 10 school days. School days. Meaning that if there are teacher work days and/or holidays it could takes weeks for them to get back to me. This is an online school and I cannot get a hold of anyone online or via phone.

So now, he is behind a whole semester and is legally considered truant until I can find somewhere to place him. When I asked the person over the phone what to do, she said "I don't know, since I am not familiar with his case. But probably try to enroll him in a local high school." What I already know from my own research is that with poor grades from any school, no brick and mortar will take him. There is an alternative option that I have locally but now his spirit is broken because he did what they told him to do and it wasn't good enough and they dropped him without so much as a letter or phone call and I am left picking up the pieces.

I wish I had it to do all over again. He told me he feels bad because he let me down when I feel like I let him down. The flip side of that coin is that I have a 7th grader in K12 who is doing well but the layout of the system is more user friendly than high school is and he has more assistance and teacher support than my high school son ever did. I have made the decision to take my 7th grader out of k12 for high school and put him in a local charter school for those 4 years....

I hope this helps anyone that has questions and concerns about K12.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
  • Grades Used: 9-10
  • Dates used: 2014 1-2016
This is our 2nd year at K12. I pulled my daughter out of public school because of medical problems. She missed an entire year of school before beginning online. Last year she just took the classes necessary so she wasn't bombarded with extra school work. This year she wanted to get caught up to where she is supposed to be so she can graduate when she was originally supposed to. K12 says that a student can work at their own pace pretty much and can take as many classes as they wish. However administration here is horrible. I have attempted numerous times through email and phone calls to contact someone about this problem and I never get a response. It's now the 2nd week of the semester so if she does get enrolled in additional classes then she is behind. The teachers at the school are generally very good at communicating and helping the students when needed. She loves the classes also. My only problem is with the administration.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 21, 2016
  • Grades Used: 10th
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
I'm not doing as good as I was in public school.
My teachers "recommended" that I switch to an online school, due to severe bullying and harassment. This year, I have to take Computer Lit because last year, my Digital Design teacher purposefully failed me. I was told all year that I can take a Game Art class after Computer Lit, but they placed me IN PUBLIC SPEAKING. Even now, I have to retake Digital Design! They lied all semester.

They had to drop PE, because the teacher never answered my Kmails. You can't work at your own pace, the ads are totally false. You get 1 day of review and then BAM! They drop a quiz on you. Some of my teachers take until the last second to grade my work, most don't even reply to their Kmails. Honestly, I want out. Even though my parent doesn't believe it, sometimes I feel like I have to pull all-nighters because of the workload. Don't waste your time on this school.


  • Reviewed on Monday, July 27, 2015
  • Grades Used: k
  • Dates used: 2014
This is my second year starting out with K12 through the public school option. Last year we tried this for Kindergarten, but because of the issues with the public school option in Virginia being regulated by the hosting school...we simply did not enjoy the experience. Because we were able to keep the work books we'd already been using with K12, I really grew to love the CURRICULUM itself and entertained doing independent study for First Grade. I couldn't afford the independent study option this year (sigh, as it really puts the control in your (the parent) control...no more silly class connects or state mandated head aches....you set the schedule you set the assignment load, etc etc etc...skip what you want...Independent Study really is the way to go and you have a very full and enriching curriculum).

I am attempting the public school option again this year (Virginia). I am going in with some seasoned experience now that I've used several curriculums and explored the ups and downs of each. However, if the public school option doesn't work out...I've decided we will approach each subject independently as we can afford and work on a "block" subject approach.

The curriculum really is full and encompassing. I simply add our own Bible study ...this is much more rewarding for me and my family compared to A Beka's curriculum because we have found the need to supplement on all subjects to meet my personal standards/expectations. Other curriculums we have used also seemed lacking and required more supplementing than I felt should be necessary for a "complete" curriculum.

Summary: Public school Option for K12 is out of K12's hands in regards to much of what amounts to the negative reviews. INDEPENDENT STUDY for K12 seems perfect for families who want a full bodied curriculum that gives the student ample opportunity to expand their experience in the core subjects and work at an independent rate, etc. Do not judge K12 as a CURRICULUM if you are only using it through the public school option due to the many intrusions placed in the system by the public school system of each participating state.