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  • Reviewed on Monday, April 14, 2014
  • Grades Used: 1,2,3,8,9,10,11,12
  • Dates used: 2009-present
I haven't read every review, but scanning the first 20 or so, one glaring issue I am seeing is a lack of clarity that k12 is a CURRICULUM, NOT A SCHOOL. References to the teachers getting back in a timely manner, or difficulties with the enrollment process, or how quickly they get the IEP process started... are going to only apply to the particular school that is USING the k12 curriculum.

One person who was a teacher referenced that the curriculum and materials were good- she seemed to understand. I think that it isn't just the parent's fault that this misconception exists, I think that differentiation is not clearly communicated- such as which things are the school's concern and which are k12's concern. Those who are purchasing the curriculum are, in effect, the school. Those who are using it through an online charter school (I am doing this) need to understand which issues and concerns should be directed to k12, and which are the domain of the actual charter school. So, your teachers that you are communicating with are not going to be the same if you live in Tennessee as if you live in Michigan. Important thing to understand. I do wish that the school had made this clearer to me from the start because the end user needs to know what things to ask the teacher about and what things to call k12 support about. Yes,the info is included in the site, but it isn't easy to find immediately and an orientation that made all of this clear would be helpful. Maybe they want to be seen as a seamless entity with k12? I am not sure. But, for instance, k12 directs any change of address info when you are enrolled in a public online charter school to go to the teachers. Yet, when we moved, we had a great deal of trouble getting the addresses changed for all of my children. Materials were sent to the wrong addresses. It was very frustrating. Then we moved again, and I thought it would be easier the second time, but it actually was just as frustrating and annoying. We had to drive to our previous address and ask the people there if they had seen our boxes of materials...? They had received them and stowed them in the basement after opening them- basically they were stealing them. It was very stressful. And I had sent the change of address info in plenty of time to the school.THIS was NOT k12's fault- it was the charter school's fault.

All that said, the k12 curriculum seems ok. Sometimes it is terribly repetitive. I assume that the curriculum allows for some individualization of the curriculum by the school. We live in a predominantly LDS area, and the curriculum included a great deal of LDS church history within the history courses- I will not go into how stupid that is for a public school... I just had my child skip it or skim over it. It also includes Bible stories in the history class. I am a christian, but I would prefer to teach religion to my children personally. Some may enjoy this aspect of the curriculum, but I would skip these lessons and substitute lessons that I believed were more accurate to our religious beliefs. That is one nice thing about k12, you can skip lessons or substitute your own. I enjoy the control and the flexibility.
They have an attendance app. Love that. I can count attendance anytime anywhere.
They have several other phone apps as well. I wish they would eventually have a kmail app.
Kmail: I HATE IT. IT is clunky, it is glitchy. It eats up loads of time when you try to go in and clean up your inbox, for instance. You will check kmails to archive and they will uncheck themselves or the whole thing will just shut down and log you out. I would really really really appreciate it if they refashioned kmail to be more user-friendly, if they made it without flash, and made a kmail app so I can access it using my iPhone.
That's about it. I have had a fairly positive experience with K12.


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
I am extremely disappointed in the whole "enrollment" process. After going through the process and being told that everything was in order, I was contacted by my "PAL" over a week later and told that I needed to submit one form to complete the process. I faxed said form over and contacted them to make sure everything was ok and was told everything was fine and someone would contact me with his schedule the following week. Over a week later no one had contacted me so once again I called them to find out why my son hadn't recieved his class schedule yet. I was given the number to the admistrators office because they said all the proper paper work was received and couldn't give me an answer as to why I hadn't been contacted with his schedule. I contacted the admistrator and spoke to someone there and wads told she had to look into it and give me a call back. 2 days later and still no call from the admistrator so I give them a call and was told the enrollment process was over and I would have to wait till next semester to try again. The reason they gave was I never faxed over a form and when I told them I had proof that it was faxed over they said it didnt matter and there was nothing they can do. Extremely unprofessional and obviously disorganized over there in my opinion. All they did was give me the run around it seems for 3 weeks just so they could deny my son at the end. I will never recommend this school to anyone.


  • Reviewed on Sunday, January 26, 2014
  • Grades Used: 7th
  • Dates used: September 2013 - present
Im not sure if it depends on where you live but in TN we did k12 for my daughter and had no problems at all. Enrollment was easy, books arrived promptly, online set up was easy. Curriculum was easy to follow and do. Grades and attendance were a breeze to keep up with. Teachers responded to k-mail almost as soon as I sent them and were always very helpful. It may depend on who the teacher is...not sure but we had no problems. Would recommend it in tn. Hoping we get an online high school before my daughter gets in 9th grade!


  • Reviewed on Monday, January 13, 2014
  • Grades Used: 10th
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
This school year was my first year with k12 or any other form of homeschooling. Prior to this, I attended a very good private school from 2nd-8th grade and then attended a local public school for my freshman year. The reason my father and I decided to try homeschooling was due to a complete lack of challenge at public school. We thought that k12 would offer us a more rigorous and self paced curriculum. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. The curriculum, from my experience, is just a easy as the public school curriculum, even though I am in all honors and AP classes. From a curriculum standpoint, I would definitely argue that the tuition is not worth it because you can get the same curriculum from a public school. Also, the teachers do not even create the tests or any of the assignments, they are all the same year after year, and therefore, when you take a test they refuse to give you a copy of it or let you see so that you can understand what you did wrong and what needs more practice. I have also had many issues with the majority of my teachers. When I have approached my teachers with questions I frequently get told to google it. My personal favorite was when one of my teachers told me she didn't have the answer key to a specific worksheet I was struggling with, and so therefore, she said she couldn't help me. I just felt that many of the teachers were not doing much, if anything, to help and also found that many of them were not very familiar with the topics they were supposed to be teaching. All in all, I do not think this was a good experience at all for me. If you are looking for more of a challenge, I don't think k12 will provide that. I definitely feel that public school can provide just as much, if not more, than k12 can. Thankfully, we only enrolled for one semester, and we will definitely not be continuing with the k12 program.