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  • Reviewed on Thursday, October 30, 2014
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: 2014
DO NOT ENROLL YOUR STUDENT IN THIS SCHOOL! I am a current student at K12/OHVA(Ohio Virtual Academy),and my experience with this program is just terrible.It took weeks,almost a month to enroll,the schedules of classes are very disorganized including two classes that start and end at the SAME TIME.No joke.they expect you to watch one class and when the school day is over,watch the recording of the other...after the school day is over that's typically the time i use to do homework,and lets get to that.The homework is ridiculous.They want you to do homework,then a daily quiz(some classes),usually more than one page,for four classes each day,not to mention you have to plan out a week of exercise routines and more for physical education at the same time.by the time i finish all the homework for the day, its about 6pm/7pm when i finish, depending on when i have to watch the recording of the other class which is another 1hr+.Then finding out the homework for that class,and yes even more time spent on the computer.Another problem i had with homework was that i turned in a weeks worth of work and the teacher who assigned it claimed she never got it...so i had to do all of it in one night and it was 1am when i went to sleep,which didn't help me when i had to wake up a 7:50am the next morning.I also have technical issuses in which the computer they provided would not connect to the internet sometimes,making me miss classes.Then I have to pay for it by watching recordings ,doing more work,and they accuse me of truancy.I cannot get in contact with the principal to tell her these issuses because "shes never available" at the times I call her.I am hoping to be enrolled in another school,I do not want to finish my year with K12/OHVA.I want K12 and OHVA SHUT DOWN so no other students have to go through this please sign this petition i found.Thank You for your time.



  • Reviewed on Tuesday, October 28, 2014
  • Grades Used: K
  • Dates used: 2014
I enrolled my 5 year old because local school was VERY LAX to say the least.
So it took about 2 weeks to register him they were very helpful with that because of our circumstances, But the orientation class was like many have said not worthy the time, had lots of tech issues could not get in most of the time, they told us to not worry about most of the work it would all make scence later, every time we had class for orientation my child thought it was time to play because 90% of it did not pertain to him and/or the tech issues were so bad that he naturally had no reason to sit their watching me get frustrated. They acted like the work was not important and told us just skip it, then all at once on the last day of the 7 they told us o yeah you need to do all that work we told you to skip by noon today or we will hold you over for another week of orientation.
Then when school started we adapted fast was kind of a float or drownd, our family coach was more like a roladex because he has no idea what to tell us except call this person or call that person, the computer was junk, the books do not make scence untill you have been thumbing throught them for three weeks and all of the sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks that they use one book for two differant classes the front half and the back half, some of the phonics kit was missing even when i told the teacher i thought some was missing they told me im sure it is all their, watch this video and make sure you understand it correctly, like i wasnt doing something write, they gave me two day notcice to drive 4 hours away for aimweb testing i told them absolutly not they would have to give me more notice then that.
My child is learning more from the extra's not their classes, one day is learn the lesson the next 4 are review's one of our classes we are listed for the teacher told us not to do. He is learning about all 7 continents and learning about other countries and not about our own. they expect a 5 year old to know the sound of a letter without acturilly teaching them the letters. and after orientation we were 3 weeks behind and told to catch up bu skipping lessons but to a 5 year old any lesson that is important and on the curricula should not be skipped expecially phonics lessons. so to make a long story short i skim over his lessons ask him questions and let him play other learning games like reading eggs and math seeds instead of teaching him their repetitive nonscence. and just so yall know a 5 year old that was raised by relatives like gramma and aunts and has called them mom his whole life and are also his mothers should not be forsed in todays society to learn the concepts of mothers, fathers, sisters brothers, aunts uncles ect... at 5 years old, yes it is info they need to know but it can wait. specially when the only brother he has he has never meat and his sister went to live with her father when he was two.. and he only has one male cousin that also has a broken home.. VERY NOT COOL.. I had to use a magazine family to explain it to him..


  • Reviewed on Wednesday, October 15, 2014
  • Grades Used: K & 1st
  • Dates used: 2013-present
We started using the k12 curriculum when we started virtual schooling. My boys loved that for some lessons they were able to learn things from computer games or animation, instead of me talking & having them do worksheets all day. The Virtual School we were attending had some issues with addressing problems in a timely manner which was the fault of the school & the teachers they employed. NOT k12's fault. We switched to our local district's virtual school & were given options of curriculums we could use. We chose to keep k12. Some of the k12 subjects can be a bit dry but I am able to alter them a bit to get the objectives learned while still keeping it fun. I have looked at other curriculums & I honestly felt like a lot of the subjects were 'dumbed down' compared to k12. K12 curriculum can be challenging but I feel it exceeds most standards set for grade levels. The only issue I have with k12 curriculum is Spanish. It is honestly the worst foreign language course I have ever seen! It looks very cheaply made & my kids don't seem to be retaining any words they are supposed to know.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, October 7, 2014
  • Grades Used: 8
  • Dates used: 3 years
DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT ENROLL YOUR KIDS INTO THIS "SCHOOL". It is the worst school ever if you are an a,b student you will become and b,c student. BUT THAT IS STILL NOT THE PROBLEM
the problem is when you get older into older grades like 8th grade you become in danger of failing and the teachers all they do is send
you messeges in wich they call "KMAILS" telling you that you are in danger of failing. OR reset your lessons if they think you keep retaking them as rapid fire retakes. and you will not learn properly using these slides and a couple of books that they send you worst school ever promise.