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  • Reviewed on Monday, September 22, 2014
  • Grades Used: 8th
  • Dates used: 2013-2014
DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT ENROLL YOUR KID IN THIS SCHOOL. I've been a student in k12 for 1 year now and I HATE it. My mom is now enrolling me in the 8th grade again because I failed 8th grade with k12, which is very humiliating for me. I used to be a straight A and B student but now I am a straight F student. The teachers expect you to answer their calls right when they call you but they answer your calls 1 week later. They also will lock your kids assignments if you don't attend an orientation or if you do not have a conference with them over the phone. They basically fail your kid by not letting them do their work if you don't do something they ask of you. My mom COULD NOT attend any of their orientations because they would make them at 10am and my mom is at work by that time. You know what they told my mom? They said she could take off work to go watch one of their 15 minute orientations.

Now regarding the enrollment, they took 2 MONTHS to enroll me, I missed 1 full month of assignments because of them. They counted that 1 month against me when it was ultimately their fault. So that made me very behind on schoolwork from the beginning.

Whenever I would ask my teacher a very important question regarding my assignments and the work they assign they would email me back 3 days later, by that time I had figured out how to do it myself. Honestly I don't even know what the homeroom teachers' job is. All she did was tell me I was failing but whenever I would try and make-up work she would reset EVERYTHING I made-up.

I have never been this stressed out in my life! I joined k12 thinking I would have a shorter school day and less stress but boy was I wrong. I spend 10, yes 10 HOURS on school work.

Please don't put your child through this. Because of this program I have to repeat the 8th grade which is very embarrassing for me. My mom and I are currently trying to get this school SHUT DOWN. I'm done.


  • Reviewed on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  • Grades Used: High School
  • Dates used: 2014
WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL. Our family used this online school for our high honor student and it was very irrelevant to her. It was very time-consuming and the time she had to spend on her work was unrealistic.
DO NOT TAKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Foreign language was IMPOSSIBLE through the program. The program they used was too confusing and the teacher's explanation was not helpful at all. None of the lessons gave a clear and understandable way to learn the language.
They also really lack a lot of effort to get urgent papers done quickly. It took a month and a half just to get serious transferring paperwork done for us. They are really lazy when it comes to serious business.
It is just too time consuming, and there is a lack of understanding from the staff.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, September 4, 2014
  • Grades Used: 7th
  • Dates used: 2014
I wanted to try this program for my son by trying only one class. I had read many bad reviews, but really liked the idea of an online school for him. So, I signed him up for Latin just to try the program. If all went well, I'd sign him up for a full course load the following year. I paid for the class, but didn't receive any login information for about two weeks, I guess because the class didn't start for two weeks. But I expected login information sooner. The logins worked for my parent account, but my son's login never showed his assignments. I contacted K12 three times, and was worried he was going to fall behind. They kept telling me that when they logged in as him, they could see his classes and assignments, and there was nothing they could do because clearly this was user error. I am very good with computers (I'm a computer programmer) and it's not user error. So, I contacted K12 for a refund. In order to get a refund, you have to go through two different departments, and then a third has to contact you later on to confirm you want a refund. Canceling of a class if equally difficult. I have been stuck in the "hoop jumping" for seven months now, and each month I am charged another $29.95 for a class that we are not using. I wouldn't touch this program with a 10 foot pole!


  • Reviewed on Thursday, September 4, 2014
  • Grades Used: Kindergarten
  • Dates used: September 2014
K12 is by far the most misleading "Homeschool" Independent Study program!! After weighing the options as they describe them, we chose to purchase the Independent Study option with the 12 month payment plan. Each course cost $22.00 per month in addition to the cost of each course's material kits and required materials. These monthly charges weren't described and you are required to chose the payment plan or to pay in full for each subject to be able to purchase the Independent Study courses. I just assumed that these additional cost were to cover the actual subject materials required and the kits were the tools necessary to be able to supply all of the additional materials that would be called for throughout the year. WRONG! The so-called Independent study still requires that your student, as well as you the parent, to login online to take tests, record attendance, as well as other homeschooling activities that should be able to be completed In-Home without having internet access...Like an actual Homeschool program works! Why should a parent teaching their child through homeschooling, paid in full for the offered kits, need to have anything to do with online activities to report to and through the company? Especially since I live in Texas and we are FREE to be the TEACHER!
As much money as K12 charges for each course kit, every test, every assignment, as well as planners and bookkeeping should be available and included without online activity! So, basically if you purchase these high priced kits, you are NOT getting everything you need to actual be doing Independent Homeschooling. If you choose to purchase the courses you have the option to cancel the monthly payments but you will not have any tests to administer to your child to track their progress. It's shameful!
K12 is NOT a true Independent Study Homeschooling program! Someone really needs to expose the truth about this company for what it really is.
Customer service is also a SERIOUS ISSUE! While I spoke with the rep he became extremely rude as I calmly explained my concerns and attempted to get the above information clearly explained to me. I had asked for him to supply a tracking number so that I would know when to expect my son's materials to arrive. The answer to that, they ship through UPS but do NOT have tracking numbers for the shipment! Really?
When I was finally able to drag the above information out of the rep, I explained that I did not want nor need the online portion of their program. He then told me because I had chosen the option of the monthly payment plan I would be required to pay a $175 cancellation fee for the service if I wanted to keep the materials I had ordered.
I asked about the 30 day money back guarantee K12 has plastered on their website and his response was, "Well you should have called us over the phone to purchase the courses and asked us to do a month to month charge. Then you could have cancelled without any fines."
I'm not sure where to go from here other than going ahead and sticking it out this school year and learning from this huge mistake. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone thinking about homeschooling. K12 is a huge Scam and needs to be either shut down or they need to fully and clearly explain that they are NOT an Independent Homeschooling Company.