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  • Reviewed on Monday, April 13, 2015
  • Grades Used: 8
  • Dates used: 2014-2015
Already feeling bad about your academics? Want to get better grades and avoid bullies? Avoid K-12! Let me start off by saying that I have been with K-12 for three years in elementary and have came back to try it again, I majorly screwed up. The teachers like to bully the students and give you 16 pages of homework on stuff we have not learned in class, and this is a nightly routine. This schools system is very unprofessional and stressful. There is no one on one learning with the teachers, they act as if they have more important things to do, like most teachers they cry "over worked and underpaid!"... Now wait a minute, is $20-$25 an hour to start underpaid? And overworked? They're the ones sitting at home reading academics from different states out of a textbook and read it to us. Their job isn't hard, but they still can't master teaching. All of the teachers are horrible, I have YET to find one that can work with me, and MANY of other students are having this same problem as I see it in the chat-box, and the teachers whine about it when they get called out on their faults. Even enrollment was stressful, having to jump through hoops to enroll in school isn't right. And I am pushing to get this school shut down as soon as possible, as I am currently enrolled in this school and am in jeopardy of failing this year, because the teachers cannot re-read the book of academics correctly.



  • Reviewed on Thursday, February 5, 2015
  • Grades Used: 8th
  • Dates used: 2014-2015
In rolled with K 12 for the year 2014 - 2015. Will not use it again. I had been using Abeka for 3 years before K12. Went to K 12 for tops. Some of the teachers are rude and I find sometimes it's hard to understand what they want. Most of the time you are playing catch up and then you fall back again. Just can't handle this. Abeka was a breeze compare to K 12. I am doing some searching to use a Christian Academy for next school year. I'm looking into Norteast Louisiana Christian Homeschool. They do offer Tops. As much as I like Abeka I probably will not use them only because they don't offer Tops. I'm sure he will be repeating the 8th grade. K12 has not helped us .This program is not for him. Very unsatisfied.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, February 5, 2015
  • Grades Used: 9th grade
  • Dates used: 2016
Ohva its a ok school they just think that stressing the child out is good for them and then sometimes they push the kids too hard also they put a lot of work on the kids then when us parents tell our children to do the best they can they make them feel like it is not good enough my child is not an A plus student its just not fair


  • Reviewed on Thursday, January 22, 2015
  • Grades Used: 3rd grade
  • Dates used: 2014-2015
we had a horrible experience with K12.
My once A honor roll student is now a failing student.
No matter how hard he works, he can't keep up with his classwork with all the projects, research papers, and class connects. Those all take up his time and leaves him with no time to do classwork/homework.

He was told that he would be able to work at his own pace--not true. We were told a lot of things hat were not true. We don't get to leave the house during the school week because he always has a class connects. Even during holidays when he's got off, he still has to be there for class connects.

They have accused my son of being too stupid to be able to do the STAAR test. I have given him STAAR questions and he has passed all of them. My son is completely stressing oht. No matter how much we help him, he can't catch up. He had a "week" to catch up on everything and he submitted a ton of work. His teacher said that he had failed to submit anything in. Plus they added more classes to his plan. They are sinking him instead of helping him.

Forget about parental rights. The Special Ed board just does whatever they want and not take you into account. This whole program is horrible. It's perfect if you want you overachiever to start stressing and failing. The teacher doesn't even help.