Latin in the Christian Trivium-Vol. III

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  • Reviewed on Wednesday, July 9, 2008
  • Grades Used: 5th-9th
  • Dates used: Since 2005
We are delighted with this excellent, interesting and complete curriculum. I am not at all a Latin expert but have felt equipped to lead my sons through this program and understood what we have done. Very thorough, the reading sections are enjoyable, the explanations are clear, and the company's customer service is superlative. Highly recommended.


  • Reviewed on Monday, February 20, 2006
  • Grades Used: Middle School (Vol. I)
  • Dates used: 2006
Wow! This is challenging and fun. My boys (12 and 14) and I are learning Latin! We are glad we did Shurley English first and understand the parts of speech and sentence structure, because the declensions and conjugations would be so intimidating otherwise. The chapters are well laid out, there is a good mix of history, map work, vocabulary, grammar, drills, and exercises. It is easy to see why the study of Latin has benefits far beyond learning a foreign language. In seven weeks, we are reading simple sentences, taking excellent notes, applying our english grammar, strengthening our english vocabularies, having aha! moments in Spanish, getting better at memorization, and feeling a great sense of accomplishment. And we are learning common Latin phrases (Mea culpa) and common Bible verses in Latin. I recommend this curriculum highly.

Elizabeth Bush

  • Reviewed on Wednesday, June 23, 2004
  • Grades Used: high school
  • Dates used: August 2003--June 2004
Latin in the Christian Trivium, Volume III, is an outstanding curriculum that not only enables the student to develop an extensive vocabulary but also provides a comprehensive treatment of advanced topics in Latin grammar. The tenses and uses of the subjunctive, participles, gerunds, gerundives, the passive periphrastic, and the supine are all explained clearly. Each chapter has exercises, drill sheets, and study sheets that give the student ample opportunities to practice new grammatical constructions and to use his vocabulary. The Teacher's Guide has helpful teaching notes, scheduling, tests, and answer keys for all student activities. By the time a student has finished Volume III, he has grammatical knowledge equivalent to that covered in third-year high school Latin. Best of all, this curriculum is uniquely Christian. Throughout the text, there are numerous Scripture passages in Latin for the student to translate, and every chapter has a Latin Reading Lesson with a continuing story line that follows the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of a fictional Roman centurion named Fidelius and his friends. It was such a joy and such a feeling of accomplishment when I heard my ninth-grade son and eighth-grade daughter easily translating these long passages about Bible stories. Those who have no previous knowledge of Latin would need to start with Volumes I and II of Latin in the Christian Trivium before undertaking the study of Volume III.