Latina Christiana I

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  • Reviewed on Friday, May 2, 2008
  • Grades Used: 2nd
  • Dates used: 2006-2007
I used this with my seven year old after using Prima Latina with him the year before. It is an awesome curriculum! It REALLY teaches Latin, in the way that Latin is meant to be taught (deductive method, focusing on grammar first, reading later). It is NOT a "conversational" course. It is designed to teach grammar skills (many people eventually drop teaching any other grammar at all), focused thinking, and attention to detail. It is not designed as a "taste of Latin" type course. If your family is serious about Latin study as part of your homeschool, you can't go wrong with this course. The weekly lessons keep the vocabulary small and do-able while teaching the grammar concepts. My seven year old LOVED it. When he got through it he had REAL self-esteem, that comes from knowing that you accomplished something real, through hard work and practice. That's the kind of self-esteem that cannot come from "participation" awards and five million "atta boy"s over nothing special - it's also the kind that no one can take away because he KNOWS that he did it. We are currently 1/2 way through LC2 and also using Lingua Angelica from the same publisher. I love this curriculum!

That being said, there are two ways that it can go wrong for you, it you aren't prepared. The first way is if your own grammar education was weak (as many of ours was, through no fault of our own). I found (and still find) the small book "English Grammar for Students of Latin) to be HUGELY helpful at explaining what some of the things meant that I had not come across before. Like, what is a declension, what is a conjugation, etc.? They are not as complicated as they sound, but the terminology was unfamiliar.

The second thing that can trip you up with this curriculum is if you treat it like an "extra". This was not designed for those who wanted to "try" Latin. It was designed for those who want to "DO" Latin. It doesn't require huge amounts of time, don't get me wrong. But it does require a commitment to near-daily practice. For a student who is a good reader, 15-20 minutes a day is probably enough. But it has to be almost every day. It can't be "after everything else is done", "every second Tues", or "1-2 days per week". That just will not give the brain the practice time and "watering" that it needs to absorb the material. If all you really want is to taste Latin, you would be better off buying a Latin chant CD, and not driving yourself crazy with a curriculum that you can't/won't give proper time to.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, March 23, 2006
  • Grades Used: 4th
  • Dates used: 2005-2006
My daughter had already had one year of Latin at her private school, but using a different curriculum. I chose LCI b/c I have NO Latin experience, and I thought that Prima Latina would be too easy for my 9 year old 4th grader. I now think I probably should have started with Prima Latina. We both started off okay with LC, but after a few lessons, I was not "getting it" as teacher, my dd wasn't "getting it" either, and I couldn't explain it to her! In my opinion, LC is difficult to teach if you have no Latin experience at all. I ended up stopping 1/2 way through, and just going back to lesson 1 and reviewing the vocabulary only.
The things I really like about LC: I like the variety of activities - the chants, songs, vocabulary, different types of excercises, etc. It is very interesting, and engaging for both mom:-) and student.

We will use LC I next year again, but this time I am going to invest in the DVD's. It is a good curriculum, but for me, it was too difficult to teach on my own.

Mother of VI

  • Reviewed on Thursday, June 19, 2003
  • Grades Used: First and up
  • Dates used: Sept. 2002
I had heard so many wonderful things about this course yet my children and I struggled through it. It's not really a beginners course. This would probably be better to use after using Prima Latina or Latin's Not So Tough! Levels I and II.

Barb K

  • Reviewed on Saturday, May 10, 2003
  • Grades Used: 2nd-3rd grades
  • Dates used: Fall 2002-spring 2003
An excellent first Latin program! Be sure to get the audio tapes (for use in the car) and the video tape for at home. It will help beginners with pronunciation and the video is great to follow for the worksheet. Our 7 and 9 year old have had a great time learning Latin. There are usually 20 words per week and one chant to learn. The workbook also has one worksheet per week that involves simple conjugations. You will need the teacher edition and the testbook also. You have to make copies of the tests for each week and the quarterly tests. It is an excellent first course!