Keystone National High School

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  • Reviewed on Saturday, November 26, 2016
  • Grades Used: 11th
  • Dates used: 2016-present

1. Way to focused on writing.
2. Much to long.
3. Little to no teaching of the material.
4. Awful course management.
5. The papers that are to be written are very long and usually have no prompt or helpful places to start. Example: i had to write a 800-1200 (yeah in one day too) essay about cereal.... they gave me nothing more than...write a 800-1200 word essay about cereal.



  • Reviewed on Saturday, September 10, 2016
  • Grades Used: 11th Grade
  • Dates used: 2016
This is the worst online high school you could send your child to, they only want their money! The teachers are absolutely no help at all and this has been my worst experience of online schooling. It's literally stressed me out that I've became even more depressed before starting it and having to get a whole bunch of exspensive tutors with bachelors and master degress to help. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS ONLINE SCHOOL PROGRAM! YOU WILL REGRET IT. Your child will change very different and start to undergo a lot of stress! I recommend Penn Foster, Apex, or Edgenuity online schools.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, July 7, 2016
  • Grades Used: 9th
  • Dates used: Jan 2016 to current
I agree with if you have an unmotivated child, it will be a nightmare. I found this out the hard way. My daughter would just go in and stare at the computer etc. After a couple of months I realized this was not for her. I was pleased that Keystone offered the correspondence courses. We swtiched from the computer to the correspondence , it has been wonderful. For my daughter she need to see it on paper, she loves to write so this is good for her.I will say there is a lot of writing and assignments depending on the teacher.


  • Reviewed on Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Grades Used: 10th-11th Grade
  • Dates used: 2015-2016
Keystone was a bad experience. I should have paid attention to the reviews. My daughter signed up for 6 courses over 2 years but the schoolwork was too easy and uninteresting. It's a money-making machine with no support for students or parents.

I requested assistance from the Keystone "Learning Coach" but she knew less about the program and motivational skills than I did. She showed no concern and had no advice on how to handle the online experience.

I was able to cancel 2 courses and receive a partial refund. But the second time around, NO REFUND because my daughter had not submitted any assignments within 30 days. Keystone will warn you if the student is going too slowly through the course, but will not warn you that there is NO REFUND if there is NO ACTIVITY.

We had a decent experience with George Washington University Online High School, part of the K-12 company. The advisor and administrators were attentive and acted like they cared.