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  • Reviewed on Sunday, July 22, 2001
  • Grades Used: 9-12
  • Dates used: 2000-02
I am very happy with harcourt, so is my daughter. I like the books, they are the Holt, Rinehart and Winston, text books use by most schools here in NJ. Yes you get answers to all the questions in the study guide, the beginning of the High School is a bit easy and my dd loved that, but as she got the rest of the curr. it is getting very comprehensive. The study guides are very easy to understand, you see my dd was having a very hard time in school, and harcourt has been a blessing for us. If you pay in payments they will send you 1 course at a time in their order, if you pay in full you get the whole curriculum and can do it in any order. But my dd wants to do it in the order that the program outline suggest.
Here is a sample of the program Outline.

1. Reading Skills
2. Basic English
3. General Math 1
4. American History ( a bit easy for my dd, but we supplemented with a
great movie and library books.)
5. Fitness and Nutrition
6. Practical English
7. Biology ( I order the cd and had the labs at home)
8. Human Relations
9. Consumer Math ( I really wanted my dd to do real useful math)
10. Civics
11. Earth and space science
12. Written Communication(English)
13. World History
14. General Math II
15. Physical Science
16. Literature
17-21- Electives
they have Career Key electives, College bound or General Electives to choose from.
my dd selected 5 of the college bound.