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Growing With Grammar

By: vsheldon

Grades used: 3rd Grade/ Level 3

Dates used: 2011
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 30, 2011

My son is learning so much from GWG! Grammar is actually semi-interesting now! I truly believe this to be the best out there for homeschool grammar. I've tried Sonlight's LA, and it was too flighty for us, then I tried First Language Lessons, which was so boring and drawn out. GWG gets to the point and continuously reviews. Everything is broken down into digestible chunks and there is never too much writing, some of the assignments are just multiple choice or T/F, etc, which is wonderful for my son who was not at all comfortable with the physical act of writing until this year (the public school he went to tried to put labels on him, labels which most definitely do not apply). We are most definitely going to stick with this program... until it no longer works for us, that is.

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