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By: ladybug24

Grades used: 5th

Dates used: 2006
Reviewed on: Friday, November 17, 2006

We have been struggling to find the right curriculum for our right-brained dyslexic son for years now. Boxed curriculum brought tears enough to fill a bathtub. Unit studies were helpful, but only if they were about subjects my son was currently obsessed with. Literature based studies were good too, as long as we, the parents, were willing to read each and every book aloud to him. My son began hating even the word "homeschool" because learning was such a struggle. Until this year. We went out on a limb and tried something completely new this fall. Our right-brained kiddo adored video and computer based media, so when we heard about a complete multimedia curriculum called Time4Learning, we thought we would give it a shot. Time4Learning fit every benchmark we set for what the perfect curriculum for our son would look like. It was computer based. It was visual. It was interactive and entertaining. It allowed us to see his progress. And best of all, it provided tools that could aid someone with learning difficulties. We use Time4Learning as our core curriculum now for our son, and homeschool is not a dirty word anymore in our house. Thanks T4L !!!

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