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High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

My students have not enjoyed Apologia, they go through Biology and Chemistry and while I am certain it is high quality, it is a drudgery that takes many hours each day and I am convinced very little is retained.

Give me High School Science that gets it done, so we can check it off the list.

If it were enjoyable that would be a bonus too!


re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Friendly Biology and Friendly Chemistry...and yes they highschool worthy! Marne

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Thank you!!!!

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

I liked Friendly Chem for my youngest who needed a light math approach to chemistry and does not have capacity or ability for long reading. Yes, it's introduction, first course for regular high school chemistry. fun approach.

general thoughts on this topic:
Make sure in the process of dumping Product A for Product B that you know why your children are a poor fit for product A. If it has to do with learning a subject on their own, it may not be the case the Product B (even if derf and cbollin like it) is the right thing to do. Do they just need to interact with someone? If so, then make sure you plan to interact with them even with Product B. (and you'll have fun with the games and reading too.)

other ideas in case it helps someone reading the thread (OP or other)
Jay Wile wrote original apologia chemistry but not the current one. He has written another chemistry book and offers online classes for it. Discovering Design with Chemistry

and info for online options if it would help original poster or someone else reading the thread

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Good points, thank you for bringing them up.

My current student is an excellent reader, and very good at math, but the apologia takes this kiddo several hours a day.

I think the biggest disconnect is that they reword things from the book and when we are doing their note books and study guides and testing the wording is different than what we read, and because we aren't scientist, we often times are looking for the page that was on and are left guessing if that paragraph we found was the "answer" they were looking for but reworded.

The other thing that has come up is that with Chemistry it was pointed out at the beginning of the book to memorize this one formula, but later on other formulas are used on tests and such but the student was never told again and again that they should memorize these.

Now as a parent I can see where that is implied but for a book that is intended to be self taught I would think that they would repeat or emphasize what is important.

Anyhow long story short one of my quickest children is going through this very very slowly, and my other thoughtful children who need more time to process will never get this book done, (or so I think)

Perhaps I could look for a coop or something, as I don't have the tools to help in this subject.

In the end though these kiddos aren't going to be doctors, so while I think it is good to have discipline and work hard I wonder at why I would keep this book drudgery as it is, especially when it seems like the Chemistry book specifically leaves the kiddos retaining little.


I will reread your post later and think it through again,

But thanks for having me think on those things.

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Thought of another popular option for publisher. Guest Hollow. Here's chemistry

and some people like Mr Q.

I don't care what you use as I don't work for any publisher. But I do care to share my experiences teaching middle kiddo who is not STEM and not super academic either. just your average Jane.

if you're currently in apologia stuff and want to try something else just before dumping apologia, look into the AYOP (at your own pace) class on virtual homeschool group

When my oldest and middle did apologia, I did not experience the different wording issue you (and someone else on another recent thread) mentioned. So I don't really know what to say other than what I told that person. I looked at the underlined portion of the answer. Was the wording essentially the same meaning? good enough. Then if it seems way off base, we'd read the non underlined portion as a "reason why the answer".

With the stuff you experienced about formula sheets and such, I took my own personal memories of that from high school and from being a secretary in a dept of physics. I had my children make a one sheet (double sided) and write down formula. This style is something my very STEM oldest gets to do in college.

I also decided that if my kids were in a classroom situation someone (the teacher or another student) would ask "will we have formula on the test paper, can we bring note?" So, I would actually look ahead onto the test and see if it was printed or not. So, I'd tell my kids, know where those are, make a study page of them.

We used flashcards and/or looked online at quizlet kind of sites for the same module.

Middle gal listened to the audio reading of the apologia text with the book in front of her. That helped her.

Now I don't say all of that to try to make you stick with a text you don't want to use. I say that to give brainstorming ideas of how to work with any text you might end up with.

If they aren't interested in science, it's ok not to ask them to be "self teaching" on it no matter what you hear at some homeschool discussion or convention.

best wishes as you find a better publisher. If I think of others than people like, I might chime back in.

oh, wait, abeka is popular on this forum. maybe it's a good thing to use

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Thank you for typing all that out, you are very kind!

I will look at these other options. IDK what I will do, but you really have got me thinking. I don't mind the idea of sticking with Apologia, its just with me being weak in science, I am not helpful to the kiddos...

The biggest problem I am having is the words don't match the book, what I mean is on the answers they give me for everything, I cannot always find them in the book, they may be restated differently but when I am not sciency I am not sure, so I am unable to open up the book for my struggling child and say "it's some where on this page" because I can't even find it in the book even with the answer key in my hand.

At the pace we are going, this book will take us two years to get through, now while I don't mind taking it slow to learn, I also get concerned about fatigue, my neighbor kid took chemistry for dual credit at the local college and only had to take it for one semester, so taking it for 4 here just seems unreasonable....

re: High School Sciences...looking to dump Apologia....

Maybe this:

It is Dive Science. Online. Very reasonably priced.
Day One- read the text (either he lists the corresponding chapters from a text you have OR links to his referenced text that are right in the lesson). Day Two-listen to the lecture and take notes and answer a few questions. Day Three- print out labs sheets for that week and either just watch or watch and do labs and record. There are quizzes and such spaced throughout. Sometimes there may be a day 4 which is an extra lecture or lab. Pay attention to the math requirements he recommends for each subject.
So far we have only just begun Integrated Chemistry/Physics but it is truly a "get it done, cross it off" way which also seems like it covers everything.
I believe there are samples.

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