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I know this seems like an old question that shouldn't even have to come up anymore but...Have any of you ever any had problems with a college(CC, Tech, or University) accepting your home school transcript?

Here's the reason I ask. We are a part of a co-op through our school district & they provide us with a diploma & transcript which I previously thought was accredited, but it is not. So, basically they say technically it is no different than us making our own transcript, but some colleges will see it as more valid since it has the schools name on it. So they really encourage us to do this but it involves a lot of meetings all through high school, etc. So I'm trying to decide if it's really important, and worth all the time involvement. Is it really going to be an issue with colleges if I don't have a school name attached to it.

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re: Transcript

My oldest son is a freshman in college this year. He was homeschooled all the way through, and we did his transcripts.

He applied to three schools: a branch of our big state university, a small, private Christian university, and a mid-sized private university.

He was accepted at all three with no problems. There were no issues with his transcripts.

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Seven of my kids have been accepted to college (so far), and none have had any issues with their homeschool transcripts.

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The only issues I hear about in hslda news for those in the USA:
1. some trade schools in some states that are certain about the legality of it with regards to some issues. If barbering or cosmetology are in the future, you might want to ask local parents of their experiences and ask hslda about that in your area.

2. and a weird batch of stories cropped up with some after college graduation issues with some employers all worried about regulations even though applicant has college degree. I'll try to find those news links on those later if I can.

3. and in this week's hslda news, there's a focus on the WV in state college scholarships and homeschool diplomas. It's not that the college will not admit them, but something with eligibility of some scholarships in that specific state.

But I haven't heard many stories in 18 years about issues with college admissions and nonaccredited parent issued homeschool graduation diplomas and transcripts. They want the almighty ACT or SAT.

My children were admitted to colleges with transcripts from umbrella schools that were not even seeking to be accredited. (In my state, we use cover schools as a method to be legally homeschooling. very few seek accreditation)

re: Transcript

after a wee bit of breakfast, I was able to find some links that you may wish to read (even if no one in this small group has personally experienced them)

Keep in mind though, you said even with using the school, it's not an accredited program.


There are some odd stories out there. And some people who do not plan to go to the military end up taking GED or HiSET rather than going through legal side of it like in those stories.

I don't understand the program you are participating in at all. There has to be a reason people do that program. :)

PS: in my state (in the USA), homeschool diplomas (those with and without cover schools) are recognized as legit by the state. So we probably don't have this issue. But I remember when I moved here about a decade ago, there was a case where someone had to fight for that in order to be in the police academy. Again, the issue doesn't seem to be college admissions, does it?

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re: Transcript

Thank you all so much for taking the time to type all those responses.
"I don't understand the program you are participating in at all. There has to be a reason people do that program. :) "
HaHa, this is exactly what I am saying, even after being in the program for several years. :) This program offers many things like a huge library to borrow curriculum, certified supervising teachers, middle school & high school classes (taught by those teachers), and more. Then a part it of is you get you diploma & transcript through them (which involves a lot more meetings all through high school). They really encourage you to do this and I think most people just do it without really thinking about it, because "it gets them a diploma from the school district", even though I now realize it's not accredited.

But, you can chose to just do your own transcript & diploma. We have been reevaluating things here and I think I just needed the reassurance that my kids will be ok without that. And it would save me so much time to just do it myself.

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While looking at some other stuff today, this article came across my feeds...

how to create a homeschool transcript


maybe that will help you a bit with making your own if you go that route. Many colleges are used to seeing parent made transcripts and all of that.

PS: here's part 2 of that article

That's pretty much transcript 101 workshop at any convention of homeschoolers. same stuff I've heard for about 18 years of homeschooling.

doesn't answer about who does or does not have issues with graduating from homeschooling. but does help if you don't have a school printing a piece of paper for you.

(the one point I experienced differently in part 2 of the article was about listing PE and Health kind of thing. but I report to a private school that says to list those things due to rules they have. so my experience is bias that way)

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re: re: Transcript

Here is another resource to help you with your transcript:
Lee Binz at HomeHighSchoolHelp.com provides help with HSing high schoolers. Her website has lots of information and resource freebies. Also, I found her book "Setting the Records Straight: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships" extremely helpful. You might be able to find it at your library.

HSLDA also has some good info on their website too.

Good luck!

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