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re: Does a Christian version exist?

Does a Christian version exist?

I know this a long shot... the best you can say is yes and the worst you can say is no.. but if I don't ask, I will never know ;o).

By chance are there any publishers/programs similar to style and skill level of Pacemaker, AGS, Walch Power Basics that has a Christian focus?

We used Power Basics for Geography and it went well.
With upcoming subjects, it would be a huge bonus with a cherry on top to have the combined benefits of a Christian perspective and the simplicity we need like the above programs.

Possibly History (world/American)?
Science (I know already know about Friendly and 101
series, wasn't sure if there were others?

We are not interested in PAC (Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum).

Thanks for your input. :O)

re: Does a Christian version exist?

I have to laugh only bc we are looking at these as opposed to others like Notgrass. We're using Notgrass for world history, and my oldest is so over all of the extra Bible history. We go to church, add he knows his stuff...he just wants the history, science, etc.

re: Does a Christian version exist?

hmm.. I wonder if the Christian special ed school in town has a clue? I'm not sure they do much with academic diplomas though. I never asked.

I doubt there is enough of a market in this niche to make it a worthwhile thing. I use AGS and Walch power basics with SPED high schooler (disabilities documented) and just add in Bible and any worldview. With world history, I read Notgrass to her and had her find the answers to review questions.

With Biology, I didn't worry with that and age of earth issues. Thousand million. all the same to her. I did use such a weird variety of stuff though. don't ask. too much on my brain.

chemistry: didn't worry on making that religious with Friendly Chemistry. God made those elements. Now let's learn about it. That was all I added.

For Writing, I let her do copywork from many sources including Bible verses because she likes that. Other composition was just skill based versus values added.

For "literature", I just made sure it wasn't too against our personal values and added questions like "did this person do something you learned about in Sunday School"?

hope you find what works out. :) whole different game with youngest and SPED.

For actual Bible study? I was considering just using younger than high school label with explorer's Bible study workbooks.

but I guess it's mostly " secular" for youngest with some gentle reminders here and there that God made you special and He loves you very much.

re: Does a Christian version exist?

I have to laugh only bc we are looking at these as opposed to others like Notgrass. We're using Notgrass for world history, and my oldest is so over all of the extra Bible history. We go to church, add he knows his stuff...he just wants the history, science, etc.

I understand what you are saying. Some subjects/ or publishers can be so overly comprehensive and advanced that it becomes a considerable hardship to wade through or retain the magnitude of the assignment.

For us, it would be nice when available to learn with a gentle, Biblical background tie in.Little fun facts or nuggets of God's truth, Character, provision..etc across the curriculum can lay a nice foundation that might one day be internalized or applied down the road.

A sample line like this... The man did this all by himself. or God helped Him to accomplish this.. Both sentences are quick and short :o), they are not complicated or extremely involved, but they show a subtle difference in perspective and over time those comments that reflect God still impact thoughts.

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re: re: Does a Christian version exist?

Thanks Cbollin

I have gleaned much from you over the years and hoped you would be able to add or confirm what I already suspected. It’s a hard area to find materials, let alone adding the Christian focus would make it even more narrow.

I’m thankful you discovered and shared the publishers like this and various strategies you have tried to help the learning challenges your family faces. These are so helpful! You don’t find these kind of tips or types of programs & resources at conventions too often.. even a web search is difficult at best.

I liked your answers.. God made it. Check, Working on skills – check. Does it line up – check (otherwise there is plenty more to choose from, right?

My favorite line from your reply "God made you special and He loves you very much." It sounds like a Veggie Tale Cartoon.

You say that to your youngest. But this also applies to you. You are special. You are loved. You are a dedicated and devoted mom and teacher. 2 Cor. 1:3-4

re: re: Does a Christian version exist?

awww thanks. heart button on that.

yes, that was a veggie tale quote. The QWERTY segments in classic veggie tale shows were her inspiration for learning verses to memory.

with my oldest and middle, we got a lot of what you're saying through use of biographies in history stuff when they were mfw stuff. I thought about using some of those "grade 2-8" books with youngest, but too much for her to be interested. sigh. But for those of you with otherwise typical children in IQ levels, those kinds of books could be cool to add a biography book here and there in history such as ywam bio, or Trial and Triumphs. hero tales. that kind of thing. not super over the top, but snippets of real people's lives who wanted to be remembered for their faith. I guess the thing to look out for then is too preachy on missionaries or religion in business. I don't know.

I get what mom2caleb is saying too. studying ancient history alongside OT , or middle ages and church history. You know it's all mixed, but some times doesn't work in the text. :) I'm glad my beliefs are that I won't be quizzed on that stuff in heaven. "which saint standing in that hallway was chronologically before the other". I don't know. let me ask them? who are you? oh cool. great. and then I'll turn to mom2caleb (I didn't learn him either. you?) LOL. ok, that's enough of "messed up theology 101" for the day.

re: re: Does a Christian version exist?

LOL. I kept hearing the VeggieTale jingle and now I know why. How precious your sweetie was inspired to learn because of those vegetables! Great job mom to find a teachable moment in something she enjoyed.

Thanks again for the smiles. Have a blessed day!

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