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re: How would you document this course?

How would you document this course?

EXPLANATION: my daughter is planning to take an STNA certification course her senior year at an adult education center. This amounts to approximately 120 hours of class and clinical time. Plus, she would have study, testing, and practice time...which could potentially amount to 150 hours... the amount of hours for a full 1 credit high school class on her high school transcript.

However, passing this course does gain 8 credit hours at our local community college per articulation agreement. (So, I'm not sure how many credits I would list on her transcript?)

QUESTION: would you list this STNA course on her transcript as a high school class? A college class? OR not put it on the transcript at all, and rather, highlight it as an extra achievement/certification.

Thanks for any opinions!

re: How would you document this course?

I would definitely count it. I would list it like any other class, but mark it with an asterisk and at the bottom indicate that it was taken at the center. Something like:

*STNA course

And then at the bottom put:
*Class take at ___________

Also, keep any paperwork that indicates any grade she receives as documentation to support your claim that she took the class.

re: How would you document this course?

I would list the course as a dual enrollment course since it is an actual course that an outside group will have transcript that gets some transfer credit.

Yes, I probably would list it the certification as an accomplishment as well. I don't see that as an either or case because of the specifics of it. The courses get listed. The certification is after the course is successfully completed, right?. so it's two events.

Rule of thumb where I live is that a 3 credit college course equals 1 high school year credit. We wouldn't worry about "do I have enough time in the course for a measuring the so called carneige unit of 120 plus clock hours". Our colleges tend to be on semester schedule so one 4 hour course would typically be seen for college science class with lab. That would be given credit in our cover schools as 1.5 high school "credits". If you're interested in seeing how one of the largest TN cover schools recommends and does reporting of a dual enrollment, look here

a few other places out there with ideas on how to list dual credit include Lee Binz's site

and hslda has some limited info on public read part of website

Hope your student does well! congratulations!

re: How would you document this course?

Thank you, Keniki and cbollin!

I appreciate the advice. I haven't had to document anything like this before; things were more straight forward with my son. And I really don't have experience with recording any outside classes/dual enrollment courses. I’ll be sure to keep all the paperwork from her course.

I'm glad you both think putting it on the transcript is best. I don't want it to be missed, because this will be a big accomplishment for her. And, I like the idea to still list her certification on the achievement portion. I feel like this could be a good, early first step for her, before trying to jump into a nursing program. She should gain some confidence and will get experience, as well.

Thank you, I will have a look at those links. Yesterday, I was also able to ask opinions in an Ohio group. One person that teaches a lot about dual enrollment, mentioned that if she passes her certification, AND then also works some part-time hours, or volunteers, as an STNA, then I could give her 2 credits for it, because it is similar to a vocational training program that public schools offer in my state.

What do you guys think about giving 2 credits?

re: How would you document this course?

What do you guys think about giving 2 credits?

Where I live, if the course is 6 credit hours at community college, this would be two college semesters, and therefore 2 high school years of material. If it were 8 hours it would probably have meant a lab was involved each college semester and still therefore 2 high school years of material.

so, I agree with the other person suggesting the same thing. It would be standard or normal to have it that way.

When giving dual credit, the "count the clock hours" thing is not really the normal basis for awarding the high school side of it as determining factor of "is this a credit". It's based on what it would get you at the college. And each semester college course is generally speaking one year of high school course. If you're on the quarter system, then listen to the people in your state on the rule of thumb. I long ago forgot how to do the transfer equivalency for college quarter to semester.

re: How would you document this course?

oh, just a touch more... Where I live those positions get the letters CNA instead of STNA. But same thing, just one state calls it STNA.

It's common approach in some public high schools around here that students will do the CNA program while still in high school and they get all the credits the high school needs them to get toward science and electives. Several of the young CNAs that I see at special needs stuff have done that route, and they are ready for employment in disability services right after high school graduation (usually waiting for them to be old enough, right?) One of the PA (personal aides) told me she graduated the trade college program a month before she graduated high school. love it!

the moral of that is that in some public high schools, the students are doing this. so it's going to look ok on your homeschool transcript too.

so yeah, you go! and best of all things to your daughter wherever employment takes her. :)

re: How would you document this course?

Thank you for your thoughts. :)

I'm glad you mentioned CNA; when we first started looking into this certification I was confused. It took a moment for me to realize that CNA and STNA are one in the same. I don't know why, here in Ohio, they choose to call it STNA? Ha! I probably should have said CNA on my post here for clarification. Sorry about that.

No, we are not on a quarterly schedule. Thankfully!

Edited to say: thank you for your kind encouragement, as well! :D

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How would you document this course?

I agree that this should be included on the transcript. It seems like you already have it figured out by now, but I wanted to add a link.


This site has been helpful to me when deciding what title to give a course. It's basically a survey of what various high schools across the country are offering. FYI: the health sciences are under #18.

Congrats to your child on this accomplishment!


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