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School Supplies

School Supplies

Around here, the stores are getting all the school supplies out on the shelves. I love school supplies! I look longingly at all the bright, fun, items...and realize I just don't have need to purchase most of them anymore. My youngest is starting 6th grade, so there are a few things, but not much. We have plenty of supplies as it is.

ANYWAY! :D I say all that, to ask:

What do you buy as far as supplies for college students? Or is there nothing really at this point?

He has a quality backpack, his calculator from the ACT, and he bought himself a chrome book.

He asked me for some folders, so I purchased a variety and grabbed a pack of college-ruled paper while I was there. I guess he could use some new pens and pencils before school?

Basically, I'm pretty clueless about supplies needed for a college student.

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re: School Supplies

I’m curious on something. Your said your oldest is starting 6th grade, but you’re asking about college supplies? Is this student taking a college class on campus this fall? (congratulations!) Or is this just for 6 or so years down the road? (just wanting to do back to school shopping and asking) Either way is cool. Just curious.

My oldest is starting her senior year of college. About 2 or 3 weeks before she started freshman year, we thought about this.
Cell phone
lap top (or equivalent)
TI89 calculator (not ACT approved) but needed in her major
paper, notebooks, writing implements,
index cards post it notes.
Credit Card with low limit.
Knowing location of closest store for stuff.
(and the back pack decision. ugh.. LOL the drama of it all)
and a compact umbrella

She figured it out after she was there. I didn’t actually find her any links or lists. She may have googled that herself but she was 18. and if it matters, she commuted the first semester. Second semester was in dorms.

Enough about me.
Here are links to Common Supply Lists for college students. You're not the only person (and neither was I) who likes to have lists for shopping and not sure what's needed.

You’ll have to sort out “dorm” stuff from school supplies (desk supplies).
Try here



and this one is fun with the dorm list and reality of clothing and tornado drills.

Here are a few other pre made lists (plenty of overlap, but seeing it from multiple sources can be helpful)


edit correct link to staples (store)

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re: School Supplies

and pointing this one out even though it's in the articles:

Check the syllabus of the specific class. You might have other things you need and can't get until you get the syllabus.

like art supplies (fine arts major), or beaglebone/beagle board (engineering major) stuff like that. But those are specific to a college class, not the usual pick it up at back to school sale at wallyworld or grocery store.

but the lists above are nice for the standard stuff. I sure didn't have a clue when I went to college. And dd number 1 figured it out quickly. I think she has folders of stuff.

oops.. I left out the link to the Purdue University suggested list. (some things are specific to them like which apps to get,)

hushing now. :) too many links. I'm sure you'll find a good shopping list.

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re: School Supplies

Oops!! Haha!

My "youngest" is starting 6th. I better go edit that. :)

I will have a college freshman, a high school junior, and a sixth grader.

Now...to read through your info.... Thanks in advance!

re: School Supplies

ok, funny typo, I was guessing super genius. It's happens. LOL

Now I'm trying to remember any tips for commuters if that's helpful

1. figure out lunch (either on campus options, or how to bring your own and keep it cool) sometimes lunch bags are on sale this time of year. the kind that keep stuff cool.
2. oldest kept snacks in her car that semester. water bottle too

3. definitely that umbrella or raincoat. That was something that we didn't need as homeschoolers all that often. If in the van and raining, it wasn't that far to walk and never had to have back pack with stuff..

I need to hush and let others answer. I did have to edit the link to staples. make sure you get the link that goes to a check box list.

re: School Supplies

The links were great!!

Now I have a whole list of things I didn't even think of.

He will commute, so I'm thankful I don't have to purchase, and worry about, all the things needed to set up a dorm room.

But I think it will be good for him to keep emergency supplies in his car and/or locker just in case he would have to stay over a night.
So, I added some of the "dorm room hygiene" items to our supply list as well. Like cough drops, toothpaste, nail clippers, brush, blanket, etc.

And I'm glad you mentioned umbrella. I forgot we needed to get a compact size.

re: School Supplies

We were posting at the same time. :)

Yes, I'm going to send his lunch with him. I need to get a nice insulated lunch bag. The meal plan for commuters is expensive!! But, there are some options to purchase individual cafe items, the commuter lounge has a microwave, and there are a few fast food places next to the campus.

re: School Supplies

My commuter uses:

Backpack and lunch bag
Water bottle and travel mug
Laptop, case, charger, headphones and USB drive
Calculator (depending on the class, he may need a graphing calculator)
Printer, ink and paper
Notebooks and notepaper
Index cards and post-its
Pens and pencils
Fine-tip colored markers
Stapler and staples
Paper clips

Ds also carries a little case with tissues, Advil, allergy meds, antacids, eye drops, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.


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